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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

Now there's a thing: Banks lying: Banks cheating: Banks taking advantage: Banks paying themselves shed loads. Now here's another thing: Politicans pole-axed; caught in the headlights; rolling on their backs; sounding terribly in charge when they have no friggin' idea what to do about Banks. Then again there's "Too big too fail" set that against "too insignificant to matter a jot".

I don't know who I despise more, Fred the Shred, "Legs" Diamond or Pinky and Perky the neighbours from Hell at 10 & 11 Downing Street. At least the first two are bad, bad and very bad - that's something I can understand. But the 2Ps - they're just noise, mouth, and a plausibility that is deadly, murderous and hateful.

Can you imagine how long it took Pinky and Perky to cut the welfare budget; to screw the poorest, to hand Murdoch the keys to the Sky: a nana-second or less. It took them nearly 48 hours to admit that something was very rotten in the City. How do they respond - a review of the operation of libor?

As I understand it, dealers (and I believe with the knowledge of senior managers/board) at Barclays and other bastions of our great City (sick) have lied and cheated, have mislead, deceived, put at risk the reputation not only the City of London but the UK as a place where you can make an honest buck. And all we get from the two little piggies is a friggin' review! Heads should be severed from shoulders at the very least. Public disembowelling might be in order.

What happens if you're a bank and are dishonest big time? No sweat a slap on the wrist. A £60 million fine.

Now that may seem like an awful lot of money to someone who's working hard, but is paid so little that they need housing benefit, child benefit and Council Tax benefit to keep body and soul together, but to Barclays, to Bob Diamond it's a piss pot of dosh. They'd pee that out in an hour or two.

But it's not with them I'm angry. It's bloody Pinky and Perky and their self satisfied cohorts that "run the country" that get my goat. What hideous crime did we collectively commit to be saddled with those two dorks.

I'm going to lie down now: I feeling quite dizzy.



Anonymous said...

The review of LIEbor will no doubt be conducted by some ex Bank of England or Treasury grandee.A few members will be expelled from the old boys club and the rules tweaked but otherwise it will be business as usual.

Steve said...

This country could learn a few lessons from Iceland...

The Sagittarian said...

Ah, ya gotta love democracy - it never vceases to amaze me what utter crap Governmentas do to their own people claiming they have the mandate simply because they got elected!

Bob D said...

Gissa a job

Marginalia said...

Dear Anon, wrong. By a bunch of MPs who showed that they are not up to the job of folding a baby's nappy.

Steve, what can Iceland teach us?

Dear Sag, I sense some tension and anger in your voice. Am I right?

Dear Bobby baby, how would you like to clean out the stables?