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"Google Earth"

It's difficult taking sides with internet companies. I remember loving Microsoft in the '90's and then hating them as they gobbled up all the minnows that were snapping at their heels (to mix a metaphor). I was enamoured with Netscape and cheered them on as they knocked Microsoft browser into a cocked hat. I booed when Bill Gates said the internet was dead and what was needed was a walled Micro Net. One of his few missteps.Then Google came along and it was small, smart and free -do you remember having to pay Microsoft for e-mail and internet access! Google was the giant killer. Now it's the giant along with the other social media giants. Do you remember when social media was called Internet 2! As if somehow it was not really part of the main internet. And now Bill Gates, the minnow gobbling, anti competition bastard of old is the wise old sage of the net. At the same time he's might be buying up US TicTok he's hammering on about anti- competitive behaviour - he…

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