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"A Life on the Ocean Waves"

Yesterday we went for a walk around Alesund. A town burnt to the ground in 1904, it being then mostly made of wood, rebuilt of less combustible brick and stone in the Art Nouveau style. It's a small town, extremely quiet when we called but the shop keepers had opened their doors so that MS Trollfjord's passengers, by now inured to parting with their money, could purchase enough trolls for all the family back home.

I joined the astronomy group, led by a nice Swede and we visited a few Art Nouveau building. From the habour I spied a futuristic building on top of a hill with zigzag steps going up. The building looked like something out of Thunderbirds and I was intrigued.

Boldly I struck out on my own to climb to the top of Tracy Island - except it was 420 steps high. I laboured up the sheer cliff face stopping numerous times on the way to check my pulse rate and ensure I didn't topple over. At times I felt like turning back but spurred on by others I reached the summit and i…

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