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He was well hung

One of the scenes in "Botticelli in the Fire" has our hero hanging by his arms butt naked - and boy does he hang. An opening scene has him giving Lorenzo the Magnificant's wife a serious bout of cunnilingus. Another scene had our hero (for hero he was) exposing all while his mum washed him clean. When Lorenzo was giving Botticelli a serious beating for rogering his wife while painting her - he remarked the bastard still had a hard on! This is "Oh Calcutta" for the 21st Century!

This is either my fixation with dicks or the author's. I will pass over that because it was great theatre. Not the nudie bits - the whole thing. I'm not sure the play was meant to say anything other than don't mess with the powerful and certainly don't fuck their wives.  And if you're going to live life to the full don't be surprised if you end up paying a heavy price.

B is hugely talented, he is the star of Florence. He has the Medici's as patron's, he h…

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