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This is not how I imagined I'd be 2020

I did not expect to be sitting at home on a lovely first Sunday in April. I thought I might be on the allotment or going for a trip to one of the many now empty garden centres that are just a few miles drive from us.

Not that driving is something I can see myself doing anytime soon. We now have our groceries delivered - that's the weekly supermarket run off the list. I walk to the allotment when I go; no point in taking the car can't use the car park or get on site. Driving Miss Daisy  my wife to her teaching weekends no: the weekends have been cancelled. Our car sits, along with our neighbours', unused in the road.

My diary was full of important Me things. Meetings here, lectures there, poetry society events, trips to the theatre, plans to go kayaking in Scotland or Wales - to prepare myself for my trip to Franz Joseph Land in July 2021. I'm now not sure if the company I booked with is still in existence.

Now nothing planned - blank pages stretch ahead.

On the up sid…

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