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"Ghost town"

  I went into London today - the first time since the lock down in March. I was shocked.  I'd heard that London hadn't recovered its vim and vigour but the truth only hit me when I actually experienced a city without a purpose.  I live in London, in one of its outer boroughs and I can get into town easily on the Underground. But until today I haven't. I can't go to the theatre, I can't take my wife into town to do business - her trade has completely shut down. I don't go to Oxford Street - to be honest I never did as it was overcrowded and a shit hole.  Entering the tube station I put on my mask, walked slowly down the escalator and shouted internally when someone wasn't wearing a mask, overtook me on the stairs or stood on my shoulder. The train was empty just six people in my carriage all wearing masks, looking hopeless, resentful and miserable.  Getting off at Googe Street I walked down Tottenham Court Road. The pavement is divided and you're encourag

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