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À la recherche du temps perdu

I'm thinking about my next trip. I've booked an Astronomical Adventure up and down the coast of Norway in January 2020, but I still yearn after the deep cold of the Antarctic. I went to a travel exhibition last week and come away with loads of catalogues. I had a phone call from one company - a trip across the Northern Pacific from Canada to North East Russia. My heart sank. It was a luxury hotel on water - completely inoculated from the world.

And so yesterday I was re-reading last March's blogs and boy did it make me home sick! And I thought I'd go through them - correct and edit where necessary and put them on my site as a continuous narrative. They brought back such strong memories: frightening - I was back there marvelling at the ice, rock and sea. I was there thinking this is amazing but....regretting that I'd not in my 71 years done anything more than just sail in a boat with a 100 others.

And the news is not good. On my reckoning Longyearbyen will be bathing …

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