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Well folks that's it - home to the missus and the cats

 I disembarked from the SH Vega on Tuesday morning having said, in some instances, tearful farewells to my fellow travellers. Bussed to Dublin Airport at 9:30 am I had to wait until 3:15 pm for my flight.  It's obvious to anyone watching me at the airport that I'm not a frequent flyer. Did I have an e- ticket - no idea so I looked for the BA check in desk, which said Business/First this way. I handed over my luggage and was directed along the  fast track lane - which brought me rapidly to the security check people and a long wait. I had learnt to take my belt off, I put everything I thought they might want to X ray in one of those nasty plastic trays, went through the scanner unmolested and waited confidently for my stuff. Except it was side tracked. "Is this yours, Sir? " a young Irish boy asked and I replied in the affirmative. "Just have to check the contents of your water bottle." and opening up my vanity case   toiletry bag he removed my razor. "Ca

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