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"Do, Do, Do, Do, Do You Remember"

I graduated from King's College London in 1969. I gained a B Sc in Maths and Physics - just - a third. At the time my mother was over the moon, which was appropriate because in the summer of my graduation year three Americans went to the moon and two landed there.

I had no idea what I would do after graduating. I spent three months on Brighton's  Palace Pier looking after the slot machines. I did an aptitude test for a computer company in Portslade and failed and finally got a job at Eagle Star's office in St James's as an actuarial student. My first and only job there was in the office dealing with insurance policies surrender values. Cranking the handle of an analogue calculator working out how little people would receive surrendering their policy after a life time of contributions.

I left that after a year and did temp work. At Unilever's film library I packed up reels of 16 mm promotional films and sent them off to schools, learned societies etc. Most of my t…

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