Well that didn't tell us much -or did it?

I suppose I was expecting too much from the Washington Post video interview with John Bolton. I mean the publicity for his" tell all" book did suggest there were some real corkers about his time working for Donald Trump. In fact the interview was more like an fireside chat with your great aunt. Then again he's a wily old dog having sniffed the bollocks of a few American presidents over the years. He's not going to tell you - for free - the juiciest bits. That interview with Robert Costa was a taster, giving you enough to whet your appetite for more, salacious disclosures which you'll discover only when you hand over your cash.

To tell us that Trump was not a good man manager and didn't take kindly to anyone in the White House arguing with him wasn't news. The list of ex Trump White House advisers was enough to paint a pretty damning portrait of the  Commander in Chief. I thought Bolton's explanation why he didn't testify at the impeachment hearing was believable. He thought the Democrats had blown their chance and there was little point him being associated with that doomed attempt to nobble the president.

It was good to have your own view of Trump's lack of any sense of policy direction reinforced by Ambassador Bolton. (in passing does Bolton receive a pension from all the positions he held in US administration?) Also, during the interview you learnt that Bolton witnessed much of Trump's actions which were, if not illegal, not the way a President should act. 

Looking at John Bolton you can't imagine him standing up to Trump. He came over as someone you might meet at church or queuing for a bus - not someone who was working for a maverick president.  I also wondered why he wrote the book. Money may have played a part but not significantly so. I think I believe what Bolton said about the 2020 Election and the prospect of Trump being re-elected. I believe him when he said it would be a disaster from the Republican Party and hopefully they can quickly get past the Trump era. 

Was the book his contribution to that project - the defeat of Trump? Maybe, but I doubt if many fervent Trump supporters will bother to read it. Let's hope some Republicans, in sufficient numbers, having read the book, will hold their noses and vote Democrat.


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