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Friday, 12 January 2018

Thar' she blows!

The 2nd of March is not far away. That is when my mate and I board a BA flight for Argentina and the Antarctic.

Did I tell you I signed up for kayaking? Must have done. Imagine it me and the vastness of the Southern Seas. Sounds rather scary don't you think. Anyway, I managed to get on the kayaking shift, I just hope the weather's not too rough and the whales are around and treat me with care.

I'll be kayaking up the Thames in February - a 2hr "refresher" - that's a joke the last time I was in a kayak was on the Moray Firth in November in 1974.

I'm regularly visiting our local gym. Twice or three times a week to get me in shape. Nothing strenuous; just an hour on the treadmill. I already feel fitter and sleepier.

My glasses fell apart the other day. I was intending to get new lenses as I couldn't see out of the old ones. A few years back I was struck by a high end brand bug so bought a pair of TAG Heuer frames from Vision Express. I went to my local opticians for the lenses 'cause they're nice and friendly and know me by name. I've been with them so long I've watched their hair thin.

I'd read that what is essential at the bottom of the earth is sun glasses. The glare from the ice and the sea can be very uncomfortable; and this is where a small, local independent trader is invaluable. He had just what I wanted. He bought a pair over from their other branch.They were cool. Wrap around, keeping the wind out of your eyes - prescription glasses. Sorted. They didn't stock TH, apparently only the select and large get the franchise, but I've chosen a lovely pair - quite young looking, light frames with a slight retro 80's look. Intellectual in a Linda Carter "Wonder Woman" way. Check me out penguins!

That leaves clothing but that shouldn't be difficult - I'll of course take my track suit and hoodie top - there's a gym on the boat so I can keep up my strength levels. Not sure about food on board. I do hope we don't survive on a diet of blubber and seal meat.

I'm really into this extreme holidaying lark. Off to a couple of holiday shows next month to see what the travel industry can throw at me. I'm talking Pitcairn Islands, St Helena or building my own retreat on St Kilda.

Not sure I'll be able to blog from Desolation Island, but will faithfully record all my impressions to pass on to you dear readers on my return. If not before. A Happy New Year. 

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