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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Get over it: Get a Plan

He was voted in by the US electorate. Not the majority but then  the majority didn't  elect our disastrous  Government. And he's delivering on his promises. It's questionable whether those promises were sensible but that's democracy. How often do you hear of a politician castigated because he delivered what he promised?

I didn't like Hilary Clinton, she struck me as being entitled. Because she's part of the white, rich, (liberal) upper middle ruling class she thought she was entitled to the Presidency. A lot of people disagreed with that. A lot of people weren't happy with what those entitled people had done for those less entitled. So Trump won.

His election is an opportunity. You could even contend that his apparently chaotic, disruptive first week is the best thing that could have happened to American and also Western politics.The failure of the liberal concensus to deal with almost every crisis in the last twenty years calls out for a dramatic change. Iraq, Syria, Libya, the financial meltdown and the subsequent bail out of the culprits of that disaster. The rise of Putin, the chaos in the EU, economic stagnation: the liberals have wrung their hands and hammered those least able to defend themselves. They've done fuck all right.

His election and his blitzkrieg on the American political establishment should be a call to arms. It's all very well marching in the streets, holding up placards and tweeting furiously about the injustice of his policy to differentiate between Muslims and others. While you're doing that you're not focusing on what needs to be done to argue the case for a more enlightened World View.

Why should he care what protestors on the East and West Coast say, they were flaky anyway. Heartland American is right behind him. Let the Germans bang on about liberty, inclusiveness and getting on with each other. He and his people would say without America all of  Germany would now be behind Russian lines.  What has America got from its role as World peace keeper? A lot of unnecessary aggro. The Yanks go in to sort out a country only to be told to "piss off " you capitalist pig.

So let's stop wasting energy in righteous anger. Let's consider where our liberal concensus has taken us, its failures and successes and come up with a 4 year programme. We can't do much about the Yanks, but maybe if they see what we can achieve in Europe and elsewhere they'll want to give it a try and ditch Trump.

P.S. Irrespective of the rights and wrongs of Trump's immigration policy, the sight of May whimpering and sucking up to him and a possible dictator in Turkey makes me want to march on Downing Street. 


Anonymous said...

Provocative way of making a serious point. But articulating a counter vision for liberalism (however defined) will be futile if he continues to do his very best to undermine the US constitution. Accusing judges of being traitors, and almost inviting his loony supporters to take them out, is the road to quasi dictatorship. Alternative views of the world will be dismissed and quashed.

Barry Coidan said...

Thanks for commenting. I'm not sure whether we risk taking him too seriously or not seriously enough. Maybe that ambiguity is helpful.

On a frivolous note, Trump's White House staff are drawn straight out of Marvel Comics. The press haven't had such fun and column inches since Nixon's blow out.