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Monday, 19 December 2016

We're not proud. A post about kittens

Meet Pixie. She and her sister Dixie have moved into 6 Milton Road and increased the energy levels by at least ten fold.

We'd been thinking of getting kittens for a while but didn't do anything about it until a couple of weeks ago. Four kittens were advertised on Facebook but unfortunately they were on the South Coast and the cat charity wouldn't be able to home visit to check on us so we had to miss out.

Last Friday Ginja the Ninja had a check up at the vet's and while we were waiting we mentioned to one of the assistants that we were on the look out for some kittens. In the blink of an eye, we were talking to the local Cat Protection League(CPL) lady who on the recommendation of the vet (we and our cats had been with them for 20 years), offered to bring round two tabby kittens the next day.

Before we knew what had happened we were at Pets at Home buying all the kitty essentials. Soft comfy bed, shallow litter trays, bum wipes, kitty food and tiny kitty bowls along with soft throws, bowl mats and a large cage.

The cage would house the kittens and all gear they needed at night. It also meant that Ginja and Silvo could get to know Pixie and Dixie without too much disturbance.

Our delightful front lounge is now "Kitty Ville".

We bought a new fire guard and put wire mesh up the chimney as well as stuffing a copy of the Standard up it. Lovely coal fires will be a distant memory. We have installed two "air locks" at the front door and the door into the dining room, to ensure the little blighters don't get out when we enter or leave "Kitty Ville"

Our two darlings have had a full medicals, initial jabs and follow up jabs paid for. The CPL are highly professional and the lady who brought us the kittens is a catomaniac - with 11 of her own cats and a number being fostered in transit to new homes.

It goes without saying that P&D are a delight, each with their own personalities. Dixie is extremely outgoing and already allows us to stroke her after only a couple of days. Pixie on the other hand is more reserved, and follows Dixie around.

This is them playing with their ball game.

There will be acres of Twitter and Facebook pasted with pics over the coming weeks and no doubt this blog will feature them regularly.

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