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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Sympathy For the Devil

I'm really disappointed that Wonder Woman has be dropped as UN ambassador for gender equality. I'd have thought that WW, as a fictional, out dated franchise would be ideal icon for the UN - a fictional outdated franchise.

I don't know how much our seat on the Security Council costs but it's either too much or too little. The UN makes FIFA, the FA and the Olympic movement appear to be the model of rectitude, financial propriety and effectiveness.

While the Middle East,  Central Africa, parts of the Indian sub-continent drown in an epidemic of tyranny, bribery, incompetency and sheer thuggery the UN mouths platitudes. It tries, it tries very hard to be heard, to be bring together the opposing forces in the many conflicts, but without effect.

The Syrian conflict more than any other war zone has shown how neutered is the UN. It's not even allowed to mount humanitarian missions into Aleppo. It cannot get involved in the struggle against ISIL, they aren't represented in the UN. In the Yemen, Myanmar and Central African Republic the UN is a bye stander watching ethnic cleansing on a monumental scale.

In the age of supra national commercial businesses, supra national agencies are being castrated. More worrying is the inability, either through fear or ideological sympathy, of national governments to work together to address serious global issues.

The litany of concerns is worrying. Migration, Terrorism,Wealth gap,  Environmental degradation (fresh water shortage, food shortages, species extinction) and the retreat and failure of liberalism and democracy.

At this time of year, salvation is meant to be the theme. Looking around today I suspect Christ has left the building.


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