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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Passport to Pimlico: the Sequel

You may recall that I ended Monday's post on tender hooks awaiting a call for the Passport Office. Did or did I not apply for a passport at some time since August 2009?

After writing the post I had a text from the Passport Office. They'd tried to phone my mobile but had no reply. They would try again.

On Monday evening there was a frantic tapping at the front door: it was 'er in doors. Apparently I'd shut the front gate and on returning home from a hard day at her atelier she couldn't open it. She phoned me on the mobile and land line with no success and had to ask a passerby to open the gate for her. She was not happy. I tried to explain that as far as I knew the mobile didn't ring and the land line call ended before I could reach the phone.

On Tuesday morning I carried my phone with me constantly so I was surprised to receive another text from the Passport people about a failed call. They would try just one more time.

By now I was getting concerned that my mobile wasn't ringing. I dialled the mobile from the home land line. All I received was a missed call message and no "ring, ring". I went to "Settings" and "phone". Everything was as it should be. I then noticed that the switch on the side of the iPhone was in the "silent mode" position.....

It all became clear. I was at a meeting last week and instead of switching off my mobile, I'd silenced it and forgot all about it. This would explain why I had had so many missed calls.

This morning the mobile rang. It was the Passport Office. Yes, they had issued me with a new passport in 2010, and as I appeared to be suffering from early onset Alzheimer's having no recollection of ordering or receiving the passport they'd cancel it.

They also suggested I apply using the paper application and the Post Office checking service - just  to be on the safe side. I was tempted to point out that that still wouldn't guarantee I'd remember receiving the new passport.

Now where did I put my false teeth?

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