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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Walking on Broken Glass

I've gotta be careful what I say: a misspeak and the World's financial, economic and political systems might fracture and's "Goodnight Vienna." Austria's in the EU right?

Look, I quite unfazed by us voting to leave the EU. I couldn't care less about the election of a new leader of the Tory party. I'm slightly worried about the Labour pains, but that's what happens when you have a leader of a representational Parliamentary Party elected by the membership.

I'm rather confused, aren't we all, what we voted for last Thursday. It doesn't help that the winners appear to have no idea either. Lots of people thought we were cutting free from Europe - floating out into the mid Atlantic and being our own man. Others thought we were voting to keep all that's good in the EU and ditching all that's bad , except unreasonably the remaining 27 members or a majority have said that's not how the game's played.

Some voted "out" because they were fed up of their towns being over run by citizens of other EU member states and felt that they'd lost what they believed was their town/country/nation. I have some sympathy with that. Other felt the EU was run by unelected bureaucrats who didn't care what the electorate thought and thought they knew what was best for Europe - even if it meant ruining the lives of millions. That's my position.

Well, it's a mess and no mistake, but that's what happens when the tectonic plates shift. Overall, lots of ordinary people have been able to express their growing unease about the direction society was moving. Low wages, no job security, policies implemented which had little benefit for Joe Public but increased the wealth of the already hugely rich. And while people are visibly suffering the politicial, business, expert classes say you have to suck up more of the same. No wonder, given the opportunity, loads of people who have lost out aimed a painful kick at the Establishment's sweetbreads.

There was no bigger demonstration of this massive disconnect  than Cameron calling this referendum. After six years of pain did he really think people weren't going to take this opportunity to show just how fucked off they were with all the wise men, the experts, the hedge funds, the Sir Philip Greens who have done very well thank you and have the nerve to tell the families on zero hours contracts, paying extortionate rents, and have benefits cuts, you have to take more bad medicine.

George Osborne today had the nerve to say we're in for more misery so we can placate the markets. The cheek, that because he's completely out of touch and sympathy with the citizens of our UK.

But, we are where we are. There is no need for panic. There is a need to be angry, with a determination to fire an arrow straight into the heart of the Establishment. In Matt Damon's immortal phase in "The Martian" "We'll have to science the shit out of this". We can, we have to, we will.

The impossible task is to do anything about English football - a constant embarrassment built on over paid prima donnas managed by men who wouldn't get a job as tea boy in a brothel. In my view we should ban England from every competition for 50 years. The Premier League should be relegated and the FA made to publicly state they know "Fuck All" about what was our nation's pride.

This year 50 years ago we won the World Cup. That victory has now become a rancid and incipid gruel. 

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