"I Wanna Tell You A Story About..." : Revisited

For last year's Art Trail Poet's Corner got 40 residents to write short stories/poems about Walthamstow, its people, its places and their experiences. These were mounted on Estate Agents boards and placed in the 40 residents' front garden.
It was made possible by Arona Sarwar, a local resident in Aubrey Road, and her company Coppermills who sponsored the Art Trail entry. Arona then asked John Norman of Academy Design Partners (a local design team currently in Hatherley Mews) to turn the Estate Agents boards into a booklet.
Since July these booklets have been gathering dust, waiting to be discovered. They were intended for the residents who wrote the short stories etc but somehow people forgot about them.
I'd forgotten that John had asked me to proof read the draft ahead of publishing the stories etc. It was yesterday while I was deleting a year's store of e-mails that I came across John's e-mail and the pdf. I was staggered by how well the booklet had turned out and I immediately got onto Arona to find out if she had any copies left. She had over 30; which I have collected today and hope to pass onto those residents involved in last year's Art Trail.
This link takes you to the pdf John provided. I think, like me, you will agree what a great job he did.
Many thanks Arona and John, and to all the creative people in Poets' Corner.


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