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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

It's My Party

We're exhausted. I say we because all of Poets' Corner are completly tuckered out.

You see we had our annual Street Party on Sunday, as well as a shadow puppet show on Saturday evening and a week of putting up 40 Estate Agents boards with stories on them.

This year's theme for the party was the Beach, as we had a local group "The Bikini Beach Band" playing. As usual our local DJ set up his decks and we had a blue grass band as well to keep things moving musically.

Neighbours from the surrounding streets brought loads of food: wonderful curries, pasta and rice dishes, loads of savory titbits and home made cakes galore. The weather was fabulous and the kids took full advantage of the paddling pool and sand pit we'd set up as well as the usual artifical turf which provided a great picnic area.

Getting all this in place, putting out the tables, erecting the gazebos took some effort as we started setting things up from 10 o'clock with the party going on from noon until 7 pm.

We had a local pub serving beers and a local specialist wine store selling wine by the glass.

Everyone had a really good time. It was impossible not to. The weather was perfect, the food perfect and the live bands really, really excellent.

The previous evening one of our neighbours put on a shadow puppet show. This was projected onto the outside wall of one of the houses in our street. We had to wait until it got dark. When it did one of the street lights lit up which rather upset matters somewhat.

However, I am so glad it is all over. I now can get to do things I want to do: like sleep and attend to the allotment.


Mr and Mrs said...

Sounds wonderful. But do you have blue grass in walthamstow? 8

Steve said...

You might big up your love of the allotment but evidence clearly points to you being a party animal.

Jack the Hat said...

Glad to hear you are still alive mate. Can you organise a do for me and my neighbours? Have to warn you though some of them are druggies and beatniks.

Barry Coidan said...

Dear Mr and Mrs - Acres of it. It's becoming quite a menace.

Dear Steve, "Party, Party, Party". That's me.

Dear JtH, Love to help out.

Anonymous said...

How the Southern bourgeois live!