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Friday, 15 May 2015

Old Mother Riley MP

An after the Election Hangover? 

Well that wasn’t too painful was it? One party decapitated, another humiliated and the Bullingdon Club alumni entrenched in Downing Street.

It wasn’t meant to be like that was it? I mean Labour may have lost Scotland, but they and the SNP would keep the filthy rich party out of power, wouldn’t they?

But hey ho life continues in Walthamstow. Our MP Stella Creasy kept the social democracy flag flying and London bucked the trend to veer sharply to the right.  House prices are moving up again after the Mansion Tax menace vanished in the ballot box. And now we can all get back to making loadsa money as E17 continues to be the must go to destination.

Poet’s Corner, a discreet enclave off Hoe Street, has always been at the cutting edge of what is now and happening in Walthamstow. We are seen as the go-getters, the where to be seen destination in E17. So it’s no surprise that land prices have rocketed in this blessed patch of North East London.

A neighbour of ours sold the kerbside outside his house for £zillions. The new uber one bed flats are on sale for £1 million: and no parking but a community bike rack –so cool and Mini - Holland. They’ll be snapped up.

Leytonstone and Chingford can only look on open mouthed as white Mercs with personalized plates disgorge super fit dames and hip guys into the classy eateries that have opened on the High Street. But no wine bars as yet. Too, too Eighties maybe?

It’s all too much for one long time resident. They’re moving to Bude. Yeah, I too had to Google that. Apparently Ocado don’t deliver there!


Steve said...

1 million for a one bedroom flat? Or bedsit as I call it? Being a millionaire isn't what it once was. Even the National Lottery seems like small change.

Jack the Hat said...

Loadarubbish. Nigel gets zillions of votes but then gets slagged off. At least the jocks didn't get the chance to squeeze our balls.

Mr and Mrs said...

We hope there is some news this weekend about the coalition talks.

Bojo said...

I now have two jobs so won't have time to post here anymore. I am sure you will miss my wit and departed!

Barry Coidan said...

Dear Steve, as I said we are where all the loose money goes. Russian oligarchs and their tan shops are all over the place.

Dear JtH, I feel your pain. I really do.

Dear Mr & Mrs. I hate to break this to you...

Dear Bojo, all your leadership plans are up the Swanee now big Dave is secure with his majority.