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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Jour De Fete

We're very keen on cycling here in Walthamstow. So much so that we're spending a lot of money to make our little piece of tarmac much safer for those on two wheels.What with special designated road ways, cycle friendly traffic lights and soft eyed traffic wardens who stop pedestrians from holding up those with beards and kids on cycle packs.

I hate cyclists... Entitled that is what they think they are. Entitled to jump the lights, swear at you whether you're pedestrian, motorist or animal. Entitled to cycle down the wrong way of a one way road Entitled to lecture you on neo Marxist critique at the traffic lights and tell you to 'Fuck off" when you express concern about their proximity to your car and its very shiny paint work. No frankly, they are not my favourite people. If Sebb Blatter was President of the World Confederation of Cyclists I wouldn't be surprised.

So it came as a but of a shock to discover that the billions of decibels of emergency service sirens this evening was because there had been a major traffic incident between a bus and a cyclist. It took me back to the late '70's when a colleague was run over and killed by a bus. On Victoria Street a year or so ago there was a serious incident  - a bus and cyclist had collided and the cyclist died.

I know lots of cyclists in Walthamstow. Taking their kids to school on the back of their bike, going to work, visiting friends, just innocently pedalling. This incident at the junction of Hoe Street and High Street could involve them. I don't know the outcome but I'm fearful.

We just have to separate cyclists from the internal combustion engine. It taken years for society to register that cars are dangerous to passengers, years to realise that that in the battle with metal and flesh the pedestrian loses out. But cyclists - it's a life style choice!

Nothing to do with the above. This is our entry to Walthamstow's E17 Art's encouraging.


Mr and Mrs said...

My husband dislikes Blatter for all the things he has done to the Olympics

Jack the Hat said...

If I meet a cyclist on the pavement I give them full barrels. Keep death on the road I say

Steve said...

I'm primarily a cyclist and even I hate the mouthy ones who jump lights and ride on pavements. But I can also see the other side of it... on every road there will always be one motorist who either doesn't the cyclist or who just doesn't care that there is one there... this leads to a siege mentality on the part of the bike rider and the attitude comes from this. Basically if you've noticed a cyclist swearing at you then at least you've noticed the cyclist.

Anonymous said...

Somerset Maugham obviously doesn't live in Walthamstow