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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Rain Man

I have e-mailed the Council using their pro forma to challenge my parking ticket (see previous post). I'm ever pessimistic.

The Carols in the Road were a bit of curate's egg. The local school choir were outstanding. They processed down the road with some of their parents carrying lanterns singing unaccompanied. Then, by the lit up Christmas tree they gave us at least 20 minutes of Christmassy songs to the delight of their parents and on lookers of which there were many.

There was  a slight hiccup when the hot chestnut man's barbie threatened to set a few of the kids alight, but otherwise the kid's choir was a brilliant success. After they finished Santa arrived with flashing tree lights in his beard. We'd purchased and individually wrapped up over 100 pressies and Santa was the centre of attention as he Ho,Ho'd his way through his Christmas sack.

There was mulled wine, cakes and pies being munched by the crowd when our Street choir started up. At which point the heavens opened and within 15 minutes we were drenched. Think Jubilee Procession down the Thames in 2012 and the choirs on the boats and you'll get the picture.  We carried on singing, as the crowd melted away along with the print on my song sheet. The brass band bravely burbled their way thro' "Silent Night" and "Good King Wenceslas" as the rain intensified. So loud was it we couldn't hear ourselves sing.

We called it a night and rushed around trying to clear away everything and re-open the road. A quick change and a number of us meandered our way to the pub - to be greeted by load of carol singers!

The next day I took the monies we'd collected for our charity to their local shop - not as much as last year I'm afraid. 

Anyway, some photos of the evening are here

A Prosperous New Year to you all


Anonymous said...

Pity but a bit of rain didn't do gene kelly any harm in the longer run

Steve said...

You plainly know how to throw a party. Hope 2014 is a neverending one!

Jack the Hat said...

Just pay up I say. How else is your local authority CEO's performance bonus going to be paid for?

Marginalia said...

Dear Anon, I'm no Gene Kelly.

Dear Steve, I'm not so sure. I get so nervous that I really don't enjoy it as I should.

Dear JtH, OK, will do.