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Monday, 30 September 2013

Hell's Kitchen

We've got the builders in today. The kitchen's being remodelled - well, having a make over.

Nothing too indulgent - no central island cooking station, or hand-built units crafted out of the remains of ancient oak forests. Having explored the practicalities of having our existing kitchen ripped out and replaced with something more modern, I tripped up at the first obstacle - cost. Talking to a local kitchen supplier the sums escalated into the tens of thousands in no time and that didn't include the fitting, retiling, re-flooring and re-wiring etc. etc. Instead we've settled for a new work top and nice shiny new sink, a new cooker hood and an induction hob along with replacing all the doors and fitting etc with brand spanking new stuff.

If you'd asked me a while back about this sort of make over, I'd have sneered. Nasty, tacky, cheapskate would have been the words that would have been uttered. Not now. I'm talking sensible, less disruptive, more ecological...that sort of thing. Oh, and a darn sight cheaper.

The guys are certainly getting on with it having scheduled just two days to do the whole job. I just find the disruption rather nerve shredding and become incredibly insecure when I see bare walls, huge holes and big beefy men hugging the missus.

I like to feel that we're playing a small part in the gentrifying of this area of North East London. In our street there are people having lofts converted, verandas installed, bidets fitted in his and hers on suites, along with 2 year old Fiats and Renaults scrapped to be replaced by top of the range German Panzers and Anglo Indian Challengers. This might not be Belsize Park or Chiswick but we're doing our best to bump up John Lewis's profits as well as blocking our streets with Ocado delivery vans called Marmaduke and Clarence.

On Friday, we took a break from our busy schedule to visit Bee 17. A pop up honey and beeswax shop which was set up in a friend's front room. She keeps bees in her back garden and was selling absolutely gallons of the little workers spittle. Outside, on the pavement in front of her house was a few tables and chairs with families taking their early morning croissants and coffee. So Hampstead High Street.

This Wednesday evening the missus is to attend the inaugral meeting of Walthamstow's own Women's Institute branch. Not the usual WI, oh no. The meeting's being held in a pub and there's a creche provided for all the young mums and their toddlers. The WI's called "The Stow Roses"! How so right on is that!!!

Amazingly this week I won't be attending any concerts, plays or edifying talks, but Sunday will see me on the Thames at the launch of my old college's "Chemistry and Physics Faculty Society". I look forward to plenty of free booze and nibbles and, of course, much highly stimulating conversation.

Must bone up on the latest thing in those two fields. It doesn't do to appear stupid, even if you are.


Steve said...

If any of the builders look even remotely like Nick Knowles you are in deep trouble.

Anonymous said...

How the other half live!

Bojo said...

Is the local WI planning a nudie calendar like those gals in the movie?

Marginalia said...

Dear Steve, your warning came too late.

Dear Anon, we poor find ways to make life bearable.

Dear Bojo, of course.

Anonymous said...

The Walthamstow Guardian reports:
Barry Coidan from Milton Road has been hailed a genius for his use of space with his revolutionary design to turn his whole house into a kitchen by knocking all the interior walls and floors down, creating a big, light, very-high-ceilinged, multi-functional family space.
‘Now the Coidans can combine cooking, eating, entertaining, creating spreadsheets, piano-playing, and sleeping all in one area,’ said TV designer Kevin McCloud. ‘Not defecating, of course, but then the outdoor toilet is a creative solution which I think will lead the way in modern house design.’
Homely touches, such as the line of truffle-oil bottles on the bookshelves and the knife and fork display on the bedroom chest of drawers show how, with a bit of imagination, this design concept can look both cool and cosy, McCloud added.
‘We’ve not actually cooked anything yet,’ said Dowell’s wife “the missus”. ‘There are so many good local restaurants and coffee bars that we’ve not had a need to. But I can’t wait to use my stainless steel range (Bosch, of course) and granite worktop with marble tiling.’

Marginalia said...

Dear Anon2, a pretty accurate account of the conversation I had with Paul Dacre.

The reference to "piano playing" was a misprint. It should have been indoor ice skating.

The Sagittarian said...

Colour me jealous! I am still waiting for a house, let alone a new kitchen! Still, a few more years won't make a difference.:-)

Marginalia said...

Dear Sag,