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Friday, 5 April 2013


"Why Do Assholes Love Watches" - the title of a blog piece I hit upon today.

Not sure I wholly agree with the sentiment; after all I love watches and I'm not an asshole. However, I do know what he means. Certainly the Rolex wristers are more to be pitied than condemned. Most Rolex are loud and brassy, even if they're made of 18 caret gold. They are good watches but somehow they've got into the hands of the wrong people. If someone's wearing a Rolex you can guarantee he's up to no good.

Mind you that's not to say those wearing a quintessentially English Robert Loames watch are to be trusted. Such watches are worn by those who wield the power behind the throne: the last thing they want is to draw attention to themselves. But that doesn't mean they don't have exquisite tastes when it comes to matters chronological.  In passing I'd like to mention the RGM Watch Company of Mount Joy, PA : these guys - I think there's about 4 of them  - produce hand made watches that are a delight to look at. Unfortunately they're rather too expensive for me, but this plug might help?

Along with Rolex the other watch that says more about its wearer than they suspect is a Tag Hauer. A watch beloved by "Top Gear" addicts and worn by more Formula One drivers than any other. Again they're a great watch - if overpriced - but it's the people that wear them that let down the brand. And then there's the Breitling Bentley - the watch for the man who hasn't a Bentley. A watch for someone so insecure that one "high end" brand is not enough.

My pursuit of watches has led me to pawnshops and "Cash Converters": they have zillions of "pre-owned" watches on their books. And what do you know - the majority of them are Rolex, closely followed by Tag Hauer.

Most, if not all, these watches are mechanical with a spring and intricate gearing. However, you can buy a Tag or Breitling on the cheap if you're happy to settle for a quartz movement - Swiss made, of course. Which is a bit silly really because for less than half the price you'd pay for a quasi Tag you can own a brilliant Seiko or Nikon quartz watch.   By the way both Seiko and Nikon produce top notch automatics (mechanical): Seiko, in particular, make watches that match the best Swiss brands.

I'm still wondering whether to buy a self winder - it's a piece of gadgetry for winding up your automatic watch when it's not on your wrist. I thought I wouldn't need one as I have only my Oris, but clearly I don't swing my arms enough. My watch keeps stopping.

But then I never bought it to tell the time - my mobile's much better at doing that!


Steve said...

Why do assholes love watches? Is that a critique of Pulp Fiction?

Anonymous said...

Never saw the need myself to upgrade from a Timex. Always told the correct time. Envied by my peers. Top notch plastic strap to boot. British workmanship par excellence.

Bojo said...

See you are burbling on twatter as well. Does your bling help pull the floozies down the centre?

Marginalia said...

Dear Steve: far too deep for me.

Dear anon: can't but agree.

Dear Bojo: no, not a sausage. Something to do with looking like a prat having to manically swing my arms to keep the watch wound up and ticking.

Bojo said...

Oh dear, they prob think you are a merchant banker.

Anonymous said...

This a weekly newsletter now?

Marginalia said...

Dear Bojo, I know frightening isn't it.

Dear Anon, the paper round boy will be delivering shortly.

Anonymous said...

Obviously fell of his/her bike

Now how do you delete websites from your favourite's list......

Marginalia said...

Dear Anon, don't worry I've done it for you.