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Monday, 3 December 2012

Whisky Galore

It's the sign of a desperate regime when they spend more time procreating than creating. Today we hear that the Divine Kate, escort to the blessed William is up the duff. They even have to outshine Christmas, the "birthday" of another fabled god.

I despair. It's as if the Establishment and the fourth estate have conspired to ensure that the press don't get too much of a rough ride. For God's sake, it'll be all "Rule Britannia" from the likes of the Sun, Mirror and Mail. And no doubt some worthy in the heavies will witter on about how this news will bring the nation together. Like a stitched up wound after the guts have be wrenched out.

But I will not be bitter. I will not rage at the way the few fuck the many and think they are deserving. No, let me instead tell you a story of English inventiveness, skill and sheer determination and fun.

Yesterday we went to see a friend of ours Daniel Harris. Daniel's in his late 20's/early 30's a fashion designer and tailor. Yes, he's one of those very,very few who makes things with his hands.

My wife met Daniel about 4 years ago at a fashion exhibition. Daniel was making exotic/erotic corsets and the missus thought she could add something to his range. Daniel would arrive at our place on his bicycle, full of stories, full of ideas and one of them was to make Tweed.

What did this man do? He went of the Scottish Isles to learn from the crofters how to weave. He searched high and low for old looms with which he could make his tweed. He found them derelict, broken, in pieces in farm barns, run down factories and back yards.

He'd disassemble them and hauled the pieces down to his Dickensian workshop in Hackney, There's a clocking in machine, a huge skylight and leaking roof. There's a wood fired stove which he's attached to the chimney to provide the only heat. And a space full of looms. Looms he's re-constructed, looms created out of odds and sods and one behemoth - 2 tons of cast iron that he winched through the roof and is now assembling.

Yesterday was his open day. We arrived as he was giving a talk on how you make tweed. Don't ask. It is the most labour intensive, pain taking and satisfying work in the world.

Sausages splattered and hot toddy bubbled as the cold bore into us. The workshop has as much insulation as an open field. But his enthusiasm took off the chill, we were in awe.

Out of this mess, metal and oil he was creating yards of original tweed!

He doesn't borrow money from banks. If he's short of cash he'll design something for a film and that cheque pays for the next piece of machinery.

He is inspirational. My wife likes just being with him because he's so up. Nothing appears to faze him, and he appears to do everything effortlessly.

There are loads of people like Daniel around. Wonderful, creative, inspiring people. And who are they represented by:

A load of total tossers who know nothing except how to get one over the Opposition.

Our future lies with Daniel. An apposite name given the mauling the heart land of this country is taking. 

P.S. the mice were made by the missus.


Steve said...

More power to Daniel's elbow, I say.

As for the few fucking the many... is there something Kate needs to know?

Marginalia said...

How to keep her legs crossed?

Bojo said...

Did someone call me?

Marginalia said...


The Sagittarian said...

Certainly inspirational when people make their own way...of course, no doubt your headlines are rather different this past 36 hours!