War of the Worlds

The headline was irresistible. "Nazi Buddha originally from Space". This tied in nicely with the other headline: "Mars images show old stream bed". Quite clearly, H G Wells and Charles Chilton were spot on - something pretty unpleasant is lurking in the skies.

The idea that Hitler was an alien is quite comforting excusing, conveniently, humanity of creating a monster. Although the Buddhist precepts don't, as far as I can discover, include mass extermination. But then Martian Buddhism could be harsher. It would explain Mars' inhabitants keenness to wipe out us humans, as described in the "War of the Worlds".

Which is weird, because Jeff Wayne has recently re-recorded that late '70's classic "War of the Worlds"with Gary Barlow. Liam Neeson takes on the Richard Burton role of the narrator. Myself I reckon it's a huge publicity stunt. You wait; when the album's released in November, the news will be full of Curiosity's latest find - evidence of alien life, and the remains of a Nazi Buddha factory. Not to mention the release of a remastered "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

Such musings bring me to Channel 4's latest "Location, Location, Location" hosted by those friendly, if slightly scary, aliens Phil and Kirsty. This week our pet estate agents were endeavouring to satisfy the needs of a couple of thirty somethings whose idea of a home was that of a launchpad for hitting trendy High Streets in North London. I mention this because as well as looking at that well known centre of high living Muswell Hill - birthplace of the blessed Ray Davis - and  a slightly less trendy Crouch End, they hit upon Walthamstow - the village actually.

Dear Kirsty quite enthused about the place, and the three bed, mid terraced property was most attractive if slightly over priced at £420k. Mind you it is in the village. Anyway, our young couple clearly intent on having fun, fun, fun and not planning a family or a home life in the near future thought the family home not for them - just yet. Fools, by the time they are ready to settle down to kids, nice schools and slippers Walthamstow village will be out reach of their pocket. Take it from me, Walthamstow is the new Islington. Even our local Labour MP Stella Creasy is almost as an attractive proposition as the Blairs of Islington. And look what happened to them and Islington's house prices.

Oh, I almost forgot. "Jesus Christ Super Star" has been revived. What with my re-discovery of Roxy Music, I could be living back in Belsize Park. Except now of course, Walthamstow is where glam rock is cool.


Steve said…
Who's singing Forever Autumn?

On second thoughts, who cares? They'll never top the original.
Anonymous said…
Harrison Ford being chased through Walthamstow village pursued by aliens, with Pyjamarama playing on the soundtrack.?
Anonymous said…
Harrison Ford being chased through Walthamstow village pursued by aliens, with Pyjamarama playing on the soundtrack.?
Marginalia said…
Dear Steve, I think it Gary Barlow, but he won't be anywhere near as good as Justin Heywood.

Dear Anon, sounds like the script for a Simon Pegg film
Marginalia said…
Dear Bojo, ..and Lola.

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