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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

It couldn't last, the suspension of disbelief. What should we expect? What with the weather turning nastyish, the medal haul resembling the bottom of paedophiles charity's collection bowl and the papers needing to move the story on.

It's a few days since we all discovered that we're not as washed up as many of us believed. Now it's back to life, back to reality.

It's empty seats, empty streets, empty tubes (the Underground) and empty shops, even empty bill boards. It's over zealous volunteers chaperoning equestrian spectators away from Greenwich and Blackheath villages - leaving the shop keepers wondering where their Olympic bonus has gone to.

 It's suspicion of doping as a Chinese juvenile just out of rompers smashes the world record for slashing about  in a bath with a rubber duck. It's fire on the Central Line, just to make sure people don't forget what travelling on the tube is really like and it's abusive tweets to one of our failed divers.

Oh and the French have attacked "The Money Making Games": They, of course, would have done things so differently had they not been cheated out of hosting the 2012 Games. Nothing to do with the huge attention and celebration of London as a truly global city. Unlike Paris which is stuck with a rusting piece of 19th century Meccano and a President.

Mitt Romney has chimed in, after dissin' our Olympic endeavours, by seeking to bring about  the Final Days, so beloved of his bible bashing plebiscite, by encouraging the establishment of the Israeli Government in Jerusalem. It comes to a pretty pass when "Mitt the Shit" is compared unfavourable to George Bush. By comparison "Dubya" is seen as an international statesman of incomparable skill and experience.

And the Daily Mail has forgotten about being so proud and all embracing and has reverted to it's old complaining Middle England self.

It's good to have you back.


Big John said...

Whadda you expect after that Commie loving "show" last Saturday nite limey?

Marginalia said...

Hi Big John, clearly you were watching NBC's version of the live broadcast of the opening ceremony - which was on Friday night.

Big John said...

Aah, so it was the edited version which I saw. Godaam, what was cut out I wonder? More workers paradise propaganda?

Marginalia said...

Yeah, the best bits!

Steve said...

Plainly Mitt is a product of the modern age. Or vice versa. Either way we're all fucked.

The Sagittarian said...

Was good to see ol' Betty Windsor doing something useful tho' (jumping outta the plane....)

Marginalia said...

Dear, darling Steve, Your sense of despair is truly heartening.

Sag, I'm shocked, honest I am. I thought Queenie and roast lamb (aka Kiwis) was a match made in heaven.