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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Move Over Darling

I'm lounging in bed next to the missus as I type my latest stream of consciousness. 'er indoors is, as I type, updating the business Facebook page.

Why this hive of electronic activity from the bed?

We've gone Apple - to the core.

It all began when the wife decided that she needed a mobile phone she could use. The one she had at the time was too clumsy by half and she more often missed calls than not. So we went off the John Lewis: except they don't sell iPhones. They do sell iPads and MacBook Airs.

Despite the disappointment of the missing iPhone, she fell in love with the iPad; especially the photo features - editing etc. In her line of work having a portfolio of samples to hand is essential. The iPad allowed her to take, save and edit  samples and then show to clients. Unfortunately J Lewis had just sold the last 64 Gbit model so she left disappointed. However, I'd fallen in love with a MacBook Air, and J Lewis had one for me to take away.

Over the Jubilee weekend we went to the huge shopping Mall Westfields at Stratford, East London. It's a stone's  throw - or should that be a discus' throw from the Olympic site. And we went to the Mac store. If you've shopped at one, you'll know how fantastic a buying experience it is. If you haven't - go and discover the sweetest way to part with your money. We were served by this guy who you believed really loved you - in a high techie, manly sort of way. We discussed which iPhone and iPad would suit my wife's needs and then he sent us off to Orange (our mobile provider) to sort out a SIM only tariff for the phone and iPad.

We went back to the Mac Store and asked for our salesman. He'd provided us with his card so we could contact him. He sorted out the phone and pad, brought them to us, I paid the bill and he passed us on to another of his colleagues who installed the SIM cards and configured the two devices. The place was packed but there was no sense of pressure or overcrowding.

I asked one of the staff what was it like to work there. He answered by saying that for the 100 jobs at the store there were 11,000 applications - that's how much people want to work at Apple. My wife's business partner was in the Croydon store. One of the managers came up to her, having been impressed by her knowledge and her teaching skills as she described an iPhone to her partner, and asked if she thought of working there. They were on the look out for older people to work with the elderly customers!

So here we are. I with my MacBook Air, the wife with her iPhone and iPad, in bed at half eleven busy working away.


Steve said...

I'm a P. And I've done eff all.

Steve said...



Bloody PC keybaord.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to romance?

Marginalia said...

Dear Steve, just proves my point.

Dear Anon, it's been digitalised.