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Friday, 13 April 2012

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Off to the theatre tonight, to get a slice of the cultural sensation that is London's theatre land.

Actually it's the Old Vic, in the Cut Waterloo, south of the river so nowhere near the West End and the theatres of Shaftesbury Ave and Charing Cross Road.

It promises to be a fun night out. "The Duchess of Malfi"- incestuous love and murder, betrayal, licentiousness and sparkling lines of dialogue. It's  the play I've seen most often. That's because none of the productions I've been to have lived up to the images and sound I hear in my head when I read it. So I see it again and again hoping that this time it will match.

Just booked up to go with the missus to see the revival of Michael Frayne's "Noises Off". I've never seen it but my wife has - "many, many years ago", and she has extremely fond memories of the experience. I think she liked the play as well!

Wondering whether to shell out  a King's ransom to not hear very clearly Leonard Cohen at the Hop Farm Country Park, Kent. ...Just looked at the prices; well over £100, so that's me out. The last concert I went to was Arcade Fire at the O2. The noise levels were painful - such is my hearing. I suspect if I went I'd hear nothing or be in pain. I'll just have to recall seeing old Len in July 2008 and the memory of  a great artist.

We're organising an Olympic Street Party for our road, and the other four that go off ours. Last night's meeting at the local pub was very positive, lots of people organised to go off and do things. We have our own web site and have leafleted around 300 properties. I'm trying to keep it professional and keep the meeting in some sort of order. It's a balancing act between being task focused, getting things done and allowing creative, but undisciplined, thinking to generate ideas. I'm always keen to keep control when I'm in charge but love being creative when someone else has to clear up the mess.

Not everyone is keen on a Street Party, one comment on the website made it clear that in that person's eyes we were no better than anarchists and Greenham Common Feminists - trying to impose our ideas, in this case, of fun onto innocent, well behaved rate payers whose only wish is to be able to sit in on a Saturday night with the telly up full volume listing to "The Voice". Luckily we have no address for this neo-con otherwise we'd have renditioned them to Binley Woods and the mega chippy to live the rest of their lives being yearned over by Steve.

I'm really up for tonight's Jacobean blood bath.


Steve said...

Theatre and a street party? From one extreme to another...

Anonymous said...

How was Judi Dench?

Marginalia said...

Dear anon, Judi asked to be remembered to you.