Nine To Five

Today I have, with some considerable regret, turned down the substantial bonus payment offered to me as Financial Director of "Couture Beading and Embellishment".  However the pressure over this issue, on me and my family, has become unbearable.

When I was first brought in by the owners of the company my remit was to take all necessary steps to turn the business around. My compensation package was, I believe, not out of line with the going rate. Even so, in taking up this extremely challenging role I took a substantial cut in remuneration.

Clearly the first couple years have not been as successful as I and the owners would have hoped for. Despite rigorous cost cutting and savage staff cuts, which I found particularly painful, the business has not developed as we had all believed it deserved. Indeed a return to profit, whilst our stated aim and determination is nowhere in sight. In the current difficult trading conditions we were bound to encounter choppy waters as we steered the business towards the Happy Hunting Grounds. However, the head winds have been much fiercer than we could have anticipated.

Nevertheless, the owners had enough faith and trust in my abilities and business acumen and my vision of "Couture Beading and Embellishment"  as a "World Leading" company, that without one voice of dissent I was offered a substantial bonus payment, in recognition of my skills and the progress I and the business have achieved in the last 12 months.

It is unfortunate that this recognition of our achievements have not been appreciated by the wider public.

In business, being successful attracts criticism - it comes with the territory. I can take it, but the family can't. This weekend the wife was blanked by the butcher, baker and candlestick maker and  today a little old lady with a trolley stopped outside our house and gave my wife the "V" sign.

There have been certain rumours abroad about my tax affairs. I can categorically state I pay some taxes. I paid more than 13% in tax when I had to, and I can write and read, and do not have an offshore bank account in Monaco.

I will continue to do my best by the company. The future for our company is bright, the future is calling us. I am determined to see it through.

Note to Editors: Heston Bloemfontein has worked for many years here and there. Much of his working life has been spent on the Victoria and District lines and in pubs in and around Whitehall. He has many interests. His tax returns are to be serialised in the Mail on Sunday starting this weekend.




Anonymous said…
Given the industry which you work in, it seems appropriate that you should be paid buttons...boom, boom
Steve said…
Things looking a bit threadbare...?
Lynne with an e said…
A dazzlingly intricate sequins of events; couldn't quite follow the thread.
Marginalia said…
Dear Steve and louciao, such creative people, thank you!
Marginalia said…
Dear Anon, thank you.

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