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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Fresh Garbage

I read today that Warren Buffet (why do billionaires have such names; Gates, Jobs, Trump - what's wrong with ordinary Barry Coidan?) had spent $24 billion buying up cheap stock during the summer months.

Glad to see he followed my example.

Not that I spent such a large amount, you understand. To be frank my civil service pension doesn't stretch that far. But I did make a number of "bargain buys", in late summer. I reckoned the market was near or at the bottom and I was cash rich and could pick up a few tasty morsels.

The trouble with me is I'm a bit of a flitterer: jumping from one adventure to the next whizzo money scheme. So while I was full of my raid on the UK stock market for a week or so; telling everyone I met how brilliant my portfolio planning was and how I had single handedly sniffed out those gems, within 2 weeks I'd forgotten all about it and had moved onto something else - stamp collecting.

Until today when I remembered my stock market scoop. Logging on to my account I felt sure I was going to be pleasantly surprised. My choice of shares during my summer splurge could not have been bettered.

It's not the thought of winning; of being proved right - yet again. Knowing that others look admiringly as you cash in your winnings at the casino, and ordering that third bottle of Petrus '68. That's not important. What matters is the self knowledge that your judgement is impeccable, your self belief tested and proved time and time again.

To know that your wife looks to you to make all those hard, difficult financial decisions. She knows that you're bending every sinew, exploring every avenue, turning over every rock to summon up the readies to give her a full belly, a warm hearth and a downy bed. She relies on your skill to keep the shekels rolling on in. 

OK, the shares hadn't done that brilliantly, but a big player like me can afford to wait awhile, to allow the market to catch up with my brilliance. I'm down on the deal momentarily. No problem, whatsoever. I, like Warren, am in for the long haul; there are my dividends to be re-invested wisely.

Sure enough my top buy "TT  Electronics,"which lies at the very core of the re balancing of the UK's economy, came up trumps.

My divi was 1.2 pence a share;  netting me 48 pence.

Suck on that Warren!


Steve said...

Well, say hello to a Euromillions winner. Yup. Fresh back from the post office with my winnings.


Eat me, big shot. You can't touch me.

Marginalia said...

You wanna some investment advice?

Anonymous said...

".......ordering that third bottle of Petrus '68". Clearly, your back on the booze after your investment experience.

Marginalia said...

'Fraid not,that third bottle cleared me out.

It's hard being a go getting speculator like what I is.