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Monday, 10 October 2011

Never Had A Dream Come True

 My cup has overfloweth. Such unbelievable news. I just can't believe it. No, you'll have to punch me in the face to convince me I'm not dreaming ....and I'm not!!!

Steps are reforming. I'll say that again slowly, so the huge import sinks in. S..t..e..p..s are reforming. That's right Claire, 'H', Faye, Lisa and Lee are back together after 10 years. With a new album! and they're touring!!!!!!

All those great songs: "Tragedy" , "One for Sorrow", "Better Best Forgotten", the hits just go on and on. No one can forget the "Abba" show they did where they covered all the Abba songs....

Well, I'm off to order their new album "The Ultimate Collection". It's jam packed with 20 unforgettable hits. And they'll be at London's O2 in April. It's true!!!!!

I just know I'll wet myself. Like I did at the Brighton ABC when I first saw the Beatles, in '63.

There may be a financial crisis ahead, but one has to get one's priorities right, and take a STEP in the right direction!!!!!!!!

Or am I thinking of S Club 7?


Steve said...

Reforming? Like chicken in chicken nuggets?

Or is that reconstituting?

Either way it's... er... foul. (Sorry.)

OAP said...

Unusually below your normal standards.Should have stuck to moggies. Beatles? Vaguely recall a beat combo of that name.

The Sagittarian said...

Steps? S Club 7? Is this something like the Famous Five or the Secret Seven, lashings of ginger beer Timmy and all that?? Or have I been living under a rock (which is quite possible when you think of it)