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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Neutron Wireless Crystal

I am so pleased with myself.

I now have two computers running with one VDU and can switched between them using a piece of hardware called a KVM Switch. My finances and games along with the missus's pics are on the old Sony Vaio and the new stuff is on the Dell.

There was initially a slight problem since only one of the PCs could be connected to the internet at any one time, but a trip to PCWorld and the purchase of a Wireless Adaptor means that the two desktops and the laptop are now surfing.

Also, the printer was only connected by a cable to one PC but  with wireless I've been able, this morning, to connect all three.

I wonder if it's going to be "his" and "her" PCs since I think her indoors likes the old XP look, as do I, but Windows 7, which also runs on the laptop, is so clean and snappy, I go for that everytime.

Next year maybe I'll upgrade to a server. Or maybe not.

P. S.  Did people find the new Blogger themes disconcerting. I certainly did. So I've reverted to the "Simple" format.


Steve said...

Listen to you tech-guru! I believe there's a recent vacancy at Apple if you're interested...?


Marginalia said...

Shit, I thought was Steve Jobs making contact across the great divide.