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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Love Cats

Two news stories in our local rag today illustrate our differing attitudes to cats.

 In the first it was reported that six kittens were abandoned in a suitcase outside a local hotel. Luckily there are millions of cat lovers in the area so they've all been found homes.
The second is about a much loved stray that has recently died. The moggy "Tetley" spent the last 10 years in and around the local museum and Walthamstow village. He lived high on the hog having at least six feeding stations in the area.

When he was taken ill recently the residents clubbed together to pay the vet fees. He is to have a New Orleans style funeral parade and a small plaque in the museum's grounds. That's the least people can do for an animal that gave so much pleasure to so many.

You know about our cat household. Two, became three, became four and now we have a fifth and a sixth. The last two shouldn't really count. One is a stray who comes twice a day for his food, the other is a much loved kitten of our neighbours. She just loves hanging around cool cats. So there she is, every morning, waiting for us; sitting with Tom, Sherry, Ginja, Sylvo and Felix (the stray).

If you're a cat person, you don't need telling. If you're not you'll wonder what all the fuss is about.

Cats are the nearest thing to perfection.

If there is a God, he must have felt extremely pleased with himself having created the moggy. There's a strong case for believing he kept on with his creative experiments until he happened upon the cat. He then stopped, realising he couldn't improve on it. We are one of his less successful attempts.

Being silly about cats is, I suppose, quite silly. But I can't think of anything better to be stupid about.


Steve said...

To earn the friendship of a cat is high praise indeed.

Look. And I didn't even make any pussy jokes.

Anonymous said...

If I roll over, will you tickle my tummy? Purr, purr

The Sagittarian said...

Aw, sweet...a tiny grey cat strolled up our new rented drive yesterday and I immediately thought perhaps he used to live there and had come home, but he just stayed long enough to greet and be greeted, an ear scratch and he was on his way! (Having had 2 strong shakes this weekend I'm only surprised more mogs don't stray!)

Marginalia said...

Dear Steve, nothing about Mrs Slocombe's pussy: what a disappointment.

Dear A, need to get to know you a bit better I think.

Dear Sag, You could say that pussy was shaken not purred! I could kiss myself sometimes.