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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Walking On Broken Glass

One of the few bright spots in the current wave of smash and grab (other than the opportunity of real bargains for the  diligent shopper) is the sight of our leaders jetting back home to "take control". It's ironic when you think of it. In the Middle East leaders leave when the masses get restive, here they cut short their hols.

It's a vain hope, I know, but I do hope that this "crisis"wipes that smug look off Cameron's face. Was it only yesterday that a Downing Street spokesman belittled calls for the great man to return and take charge. Didn't Boris's mouth piece poo poo any  thought that our Mayor of London should be on the ground to see for himself his capital ablaze?

I feel sorry for Rabekah Brooks, if she'd hung on just a week or so longer her troubles would have been drowned out by the sound of splintering glass and sirens. 

It's not good, it never is when you see looting and violence on your TV screen. But take a reality check. Listen to the people in the middle of the mayhem, the shop - keepers, the local residents, the mums and grand mums. They're not panicking, there's not an orgy of fear and loathing issuing from them. Quiet desperation perhaps and a sense of bewilderment, but also the picking up of dustpans and brooms, clearing the streets and brews of strong tea. Many in the popular press should hang their heads in shame for ramping this up into the likes of the Russian revolution.

One smug bastard I'd like to see fall flat on his face is George Osborne. This is likely to happen, but unfortunately any discomfort will be shared by many of us.

He may bang on about how safe we are, harping on about how much UK bonds are in demand, and unlike the rest of the world our AAA rating is sound. But, the markets are very, very nervous and unlike the looters in our town centres they are acting like a herd, like headless chickens. It won't take much to spook them.

Pity the home owner in the streets near these troubled High Streets. If the housing market in their area wasn't moribund before this week's madness it now well and truly pole-axed.

Keep calm, keep smiling and you'll be arrested. The police are bound to think you have a stash of nicked PC's just ready to flood the market.

P.S. I recommend this thoughtful piece in today's Telegraph

1 comment:

Steve said...

Nothing galvanizes a community better than wanton destruction. At last something we can all agree upon, etc. I don't think the fabric of society is at all at risk of collapsing. It's just a little besmirched and needs a good landering.