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Monday, 29 August 2011

Things can only get better

I find the calls to "re-capture" Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi distasteful. The Libyan rebels refusal to countenance the requests for his return to a Scottish jail is admirable and fills me with hope.

The recent pictures of Mr al-Megrahi, should silence the clamour for his return.

The Lockerbie bombing was inexcusable, the loss of life and the pain caused remains an open sore for many. Al Megrahi was tried, convicted and imprisoned.

It wasn't he who bought closer economic ties (oil and BP) with Libyia and a murderous tyrant with the anguish of the Lockerbie relatives. It wasn't he that concocted a twisted rationale for his release. It wasn't he that once again sided with the powerful and influential, ignoring the hurt and helpless.

Labour achieved much to be proud of in its 13 years in power. However, two events damn that administration. The lie that was the war in Iraq, and the release of Mr al-Megrahi.

It is an profound irony that Labour's greatest achievement, devolution, should be the instrument of its greatest shame.What promises bought Scotland's part in the Libyan's release? 

William Hague (our Foreign Minister) would do better calling for the arrest of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair instead of a mis-guided attempt at restorative justice.


Steve said...

All wars are dirty. The victors tend to be the ones who fight dirtiest of all.

ROB said...

Hi Barry

Having just returned from La France, I have been catching up on your recent posts. Excellent stuff -but I must correct you on one point (devolution anorak that I am!). al-Megrahi was released by the SNP administration not Labour. And given the deep enmity between SNP and Labour politicians I think it highly unlikely that any promises were ever made. SNP Ministers (who I otherwise have no time for) released him - wrongly or rightly - under longstanding provisions in Scots law that dying prisoners can be released before ending their sentence.

RubberCrutch said...

While I don't know anything about the political machinations that may have been behind the release of al-Magrahi, I think that your reasoning hits perfect pitch: the cat was let out of the bag through some form of "diplomacy," and he's only in the news again because scumbag pols on both sides of the Atlantic see an opportunity to get the proles worked up about something than piracy by the banking class.