Sympathy for the Devil

Goodness me! the young chavs and rough types have really put the wind up the middle and ruling classes.

Our society's broken don't you know. And how do we know - looting on the streets. Out of control scum, smashing and looting, ripping the heart out of our high streets. Dear Mr Patel, and old Mr Jones serving their local community for years and how are they repaid - with bricks and fire.

It's all down to the underclass, to the uneducated, unteachable deadbeats, rap and gangs, single mums who can't control their morons. Absent dads, blacks and lack of moral fibre.

And Big David is going to do something about it.

Now suddenly society's broken, values and respect are shot  to hell - since last week. 

My arse.

The directors who award themselves huge pay awards they haven't earned and cock a snoot at the rest of us. The bankers who have ravaged our country. The politicians who are more interested in filling their boots than representing their citizens, and who thought more of being snapped next to the rich and powerful than the powerless and disenfranchised. The police who appear not to know which side of the law they're on. Only when the looters showed them did they remember what they were meant to do.

The "good and the great" they can't keep to the straight and narrow how dear they lambast those who are just following the example of their "elders and betters".

It's the corrosive double speak of the establishment that gets my goat. You can be sure that when a politician says in one breath "The buck stops with me", they will, with the next breath, find weasel words to get out from under.

And we're not all in it together!We're not all earning millions a year, living in the Cotswolds, we're not all seeking legal injunctions to smother the uncomfortable and inconvenient. We're not all mouthing platitudes and puffing up our chests when  a more honest, meeker, more contrite attitude would be appropriate.

It's shaming. The proper response to the rottenness, greed and self regarding of our establishment and much of what we seem to admire in our society should be a riot of indignation. All we can summon up is a crowd of looting juveniles.

"Land of Hope and Glory" - you're 'aving a laugh.


Steve said…
Totally agree. Bang on the nail, sir!
KeyReed said…
I have to agree too.
The Sagittarian said…
That nail has been hit on the head. Great post. Makes me wonder how long it will be or what it will take for other 'civilisations' to join the dots...

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