I'm sure you'll all be pleased to learn that Weezle the Diesel has made a rapid and full recovery from the recent unfortunate, and accidental poisoning. I can't speak highly enough of the wonderful mechanics, nut turners and  bodgers without whose skill and patience Weezle may well now be in some foreign field that is forever a scrap yard.

Not a splutter, not a back fire; the little angel started first time and we went for a quiet run, nothing too strenuous at this early stage. So complete was his recovery that "The Smiths Greatest Hits" played out extra loud. I suspect he had that on while he was jacked up having his enema. However, I noticed that he wasn't completely back to his old self as he made a total hash of the parallel parking - requiring at least three attempts (usually he can do it in two if the space is big enough).

I spent a restless night last night. I just couldn't settle. For some reason I thought that Weezel's case was near terminal or my bank balance would be. As soon as I thought it was decent I dashed down to the mechanic's.

"How is he?" I queried. My heart in my mouth.

"He's done - we did him last night - didn't think he'd get through the night otherwise." was the consultant mechanic's reply.

"What's the damage?" I was prepared for the worse.

"Oh, he wasn't too badly messed up. Oh you mean how much?" said the consultant in his best pit side manner. "£120, we've put £20 of diesel in."

"£140 then." I stammered not believing how cheap life could be.

"No £120, with the diesel. You're lucky the last one we had in like him came to two grand."

At that point a heavenly choir of angels belted out the "Hallelujah Chorus", and all the bells of London's churches pealed. I could have kissed the chief consulting mechanic - except his face was covered in diesel.

Who says there's not a fairy godmother for each of us. I even believed Jeremy Clarkson was redeemable.


Steve said…
Ah. Angels with dirty faces. The best kind.
The Sagittarian said…
Om my, you'll be telling us the Pop is Catholic next!
Marginalia said…
Dear Steve, you're a man with some taste in films at least.

Dear S, you're Lacey to Steve's Cagney.
Lynne with an e said…
I'll have to get my eyes tested. I thought the title of this post was "Dave" and I kept waiting for him to appear in the story. Unless the mechanic's name is Dave.
Marginalia said…
Dear louciao, Dave turned up after I'd posted "Drive".

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