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Saturday, 30 April 2011

She's a Lady

How was it for you?  I didn't watch it of course, but the missus did.

She was up at early doors in her Union Jack jimjams and her Three Lions dressing gown, tiara on her head and a cup of Lady Grey in her mit. She made Alf Garnett seem positively Labour.

At one point she was standing to attention saluting the picture of the Queen and her old man. I wouldn't have minded but she had me and the four cats doing the same.

I left for the allotment just as the happy couple came out of the Abbey and into the open coach. The missus was wiping the tears from her eyes at that point and raising the Union Jack in the lounge.

As I said I didn't see it, but wasn't Harry extremely out of place, all limbs and smiles. In contrast to Sire Elton who looked as if he'd have preferred to have been at his own funeral rather than there.

The missus was keen to see the dress. Not in a girlie way, you understand. Strictly professional. She wanted to know what wedding dress materials she'll be called upon to weave her magic on over  the next few months. We both thought the dress was exquisite - the bird inside wasn't 'alf hot, in a princessy sort of manner.

I couldn't be bothered to watch the thing  - I've got my Republican reputation to consider. However, we both remarked on the forest in the abbey. The missus thought it was a lovely touch. I'm afraid it reminded me of those over grand headquarters buildings of banks and the like where huge atriums  are filled with colossal redwoods. It would have been fun if some of London's pigeons had found their way into the branches and showed their appreciation of the happening in the usual way.

I thought the music was dire; Parry must be turning in his grave having all his old tunes dragged up yet again. The way the cameras picked out celebs in close up was a bit like the old ITV "A Night With..." except the jokes yesterday weren't that funny.

One of the unintentional highlights for me was a long distance shot showing a square of black faces surrounded by a sea of utterly white ones. The explanation was that a section of the seating was reserved for the ambassadors of the Commonwealth countries who are predominately black or coloured.

For me that summed up the whole event. White, wealthy and very, very exclusive. Which was a bit of  an irony considering how many people, from all parts of society, whole heartedly joined in the celebration.

But really what can I say?. I, of course, didn't watch it.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I only saw snips whilst changing the channels in the evening (not a morning person). It seemed very lovely, but if I don't personally know the bride and groom....I kinda take the "Don't care" route. I'm sure I'll catch up on highlights in the next few days. :-)

Steve said...

Nor me. Didn't see a single minute of the live broadcast. But then ruined it all by watching hours of edited highlights. Service: lovely. Commentators: nauseatingly diabolical.

Marginalia said...

Dear ET'sW, Don't know them personally! What's that got to do with it. It was a Great British event. I'm surprised as an ex colonial you weren't singing "God Save The Queen".

Her dress was stunning!

Dear Steve, Why when we have the pictures do the broadcasters believe we need even more words. Any words, just as long as there's something innane running in the background.

BrightenedBoy said...

I didn't watch it live but I did read about it with some eagerness.

Particularly as an American I find the notion of royalty to be fascinating. I was also rather captivated by the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge was born to a middle-class family and is now a princess. Her jump through the social strata is really quite striking.

Marginalia said...

Dear Brightened Boy. We may have lost an Empire, the Swinging 60's were 50 years ago and most of the Beatles are dead or dying but we still can do a Fairy Princess story to rival Hollywood's.