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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Private Number

Well it's arrived: I received a text to say it would be delivered today and I've been waiting in. I am so excited. It's like it was when I was a kid at Christmas, I'd get so hyped I could do nothing: it almost hurt, the anticipation, the scariness of so much joy landing in my lap all at once.

My new phone's arrived. My old contract ends this month and I was wondering what to do. The upgrades for my plan were ok but nothing special so I searched the web high and low looking at all  the phones, the networks and retailers. My Satio - my constant companion for the last 18 months is for the chop. It's been quite a disappointment, the super 12.1 megapixal camera, which sold the phone to me, is fine but I found it inconvenient and clumsy to use, so after the initial excitement, I've hardly used it. As far as the menu, it was extremely tiresome, nothing seemed to match - everything looked as if it had been bolted on. The operating system would hang, decide to switch from one program to another, or simply die.

I had OrangeMaps, a so call navigation tool. It worked periodically, was extremely slow and just couldn't be trusted. My plan included unlimited off peak internet access - it was pointless. Off peak was from 11 pm weekdays and all weekend. Except I was usually in bed by 11 pm and the internet connection was so slow and the interface so clunky that I never used it. Otherwise the phone was great for making and receiving calls.

I wasn't sure about staying with Orange or Sony Ericsson, but my main use is phoning land line numbers and Orange appear to one of only two operators offering unlimited land line. So I decided to renew my contract, except as I've already mentioned the "free" upgrades didn't look very tempting. I'd seen the new Sony Ericsson Xperia arc which looked extremely pretty and the Cnet review was highly complimentary so I thought I'd see if that was available.

Talking to Orange I was delighted to be offered the Xperia as my "free" upgrade. I mentioned my less than enthusiastic use of the internet package and she recommended a 500 Mb download deal which should give me much needed flexibility. That was Tuesday evening; the phone came this morning.

Now the fun begins. Transferring over my contacts, charging up the phone - bloody hell that's already done - previously it would take hours.The real excitement getting  to know all the features; but first I need to register the new Sim card. I suppose I'll be able to transfer some of the programs I've put on my old Satio - or maybe not - since the Xperia's operating system is Android "Gingerbread" not Satio's Symbian core. It never used to be this complicated.

Oh My Goodness - this is so awesome!! It makes my Satio seem like a lumbering monster from pre-history. I am a child again. See you playmates.

P.S. The song is luscious.

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