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Friday, 29 April 2011

God Save The Queen

Nope. it's on there, there too, what about over on...nope they're doing it there also. Radio 3, what a blessed relief - music plain and simple - even if it appears to be Royal Wedding themed.

Exactly how many reporters do you need to describe the events today. The BBC, which is having to make substantial financial sacrifices, is doing its bit with  coverage of the Royals on its popular radio and TV channels only. That doesn't stop them from having cart loads of reporters describing the same thing from the BBC compound in the PortaCabin media centre in the Mall.

Marriage is an honourable estate. When many are concerned about the health of this institution and the apparently unstoppable breakdown of the family, Will and Kate's commitment is seen as a timely public endorsement of this ancient bond.

For many today's pomp and circumstance is a blessed break from the unremitting bad news and restraint. For a nation that often appears to have lost any sense of identity, the wedding provides a welcomed focus in what appears to be an increasingly fragmented and atomised society.

Others will hark back to Will's mum's wedding 30 years ago and recall the sense of relief that provided at a time of real economic hardship. Less charitable souls may question whether today is just an excuse for self indulgence and crass irrelevance.

Today, I'll not be watching it live, I've loads of stuff to plant out and re-pot.

I'll be thinking of the programme I saw last night on a real cause for celebration. The life of Sir Bobby Charlton. A man whose modesty is matched by his own sense of gratitude for the life he's be privileged to lead.

A quiet man whose actions thundered around stadia and thrilled a nation in that glorious summer of '66.

Maybe after all, we need tradition and a past to know who we are.

"God Save The Queen"


Steve said...

I may watch the heavily edited highlights tomorrow but that's about all. It's even on bloody Newsround for Heaven's sake. I never thought I'd be so glad to see my eldest boy plugging his PlayStation into the television...

Marginalia said...

I take it you leave the cinema before they play the National Anthem.

Scarlett said...

I got up at 4:00 in the morning to watch Diana marry, I always thought of her as my Princess when I was little, I cried as if I lost my mentor when she died, and I cried this morning watching her son marry such a beautiful young classy woman, just like his mother was. I find the Royals fascinating, maybe it's because I'm an American and instead of tiara's and royal weddings, we have politicians who f**k every thing up ! It was a real treat for me to see it live - although I much rather would have been in London with my cousin today :)

Keith said...

The Bobby Charlton programme was brilliant. And I echo your sentiments 100%. So quiet and straightforward. I don't follow football, but his recollections of each goal he scored was mesmerizing.

Marginalia said...

Dear Scarlett, no matter how cynical one becomes: yesterday's bash tugged at the heart and patriot strings.

Dear Keith, I thought the shots of George Best, Dennis Law and Sir Bobby were lovely.

Early Best captured the spirit of the age - youth, excitement and mini skirts.