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Thursday, 10 February 2011


Envy is a sin, as is pride.

I own up to two of the seven when it comes to blogging. I'm envious of my fellow bloggeteers who get zillions of responses to their posts. I'm jealous of those who write so well, and I'm proud of too much of my own material.

Which, in part, explains the major corporate makeover to my blog.

Also I realised, early on, that I was one of a few that didn't use a "nom de plume". I now have one.

It just popped into my head "Marginalia" - That's what life's about. I could have used "Footnote" or "Addendum" but they suggested a permanence which my postings don't justify. I'm already thinking of changing it to "Marginalia in pencil" to reinforce the transience of my jottings.

Except they may well outlive me, Western civilisation and the Galactic Empire. Yours and my posts are held on some anonymous server in deepest Paris, Texas. Isn't it possible that  they will be automatically backed up time and time again? The British Library is already archiving all electronic data (my blog included).

Lurking in the dark recesses of some server campus, our blogs will hang on - to be accessed by a disbelieving descendant of Mark Zukerberg.

In the far off future some dork on Alpha Centuri One, researching his deep space thesis into the spread of homo sapien into the near galaxies, will turn up "As I was saying to my friend the other day" and conclude that my jottings led directly to the fall of the first Trans -Solar Empire.

Did I mention vain glory?

Back on planet Earth, I have installed a counter. It tells me, by country, who's visited my blog in the last week, month, year. And it is so disappointing. Why, oh, why has only one person from Pakistan ever visited my site? Just six visits from Bulgaria and why is France only two ahead of Vietnam?

When I started my blog I didn't worry about audience statistics. I was writing into the void and I  was happy about that. Now I'm disappointed if no one comments.

And now I've given my blog a make over. To get more attention. How sad is that?


The Sagittarian said...

Don't forget us little people when you finally get your zillions and your own galaxy named after you.

Marginalia said...

Would I ever. You and I, the Gemini of the Bloggers.

Steve said...

Well, it worked - 'cos here I am!

Marginalia said...

Indeed, I must have a word with my lawyers

The Sagittarian said...

See! Most people can resist anything but temptation...

Marginalia said...

Oh you siren you."Lead us not into temptation.."