Goin' Up To The Spirit In The Sky

I think I'm drinking too much. Last Friday I came home drunk. Not  my fault, the wine bar had a surplus of wine which they insisted we ( my mates and I) buy at ridiculous prices. I thought I heard "low" in there somewhere but I was wrong.

A week or two ago I'd  ordered a case of 12 bottles from Majestic Wines, which arrived on the Monday and on the Tuesday another case of twelve arrived from the wine club I keep forgetting I've joined. In a Pre - Cambrian age I'd accepted a once in a life time offer of 12  bottles at less than a penny a bottle; except I didn't read the small print. So from now until the end of time I get 12 bottles four times a year.

Not that I'm grumbling. The wine,  sourced from exotic climes like Moldova, Sri Lanka and the Gobi Desert, are surprisingly drinkable - picked by an elite group of wine masters whose expertise has developed in leaps and bounds since the 1970's and undrinkable Spanish plonk and French fire water.

No, my rush to booze is down to blogging. More exactly the blogs I find myself reading. Not, of course,  yours dear readers.  No, I'm afraid I have an aversion to babies, Christians,  especially  godfearin' fundamental Christians and the "Saving Grace of our Lord."

Whenever I click the next blog arrow at the top of the page I seem to be greeted either by a smiling family of over healthy American evangelists or babies, babies and more babies or some meaningful text which has inspired a whole family, a whole town nay, a whole nation to turn to righteousness. Frankly I do not appreciate reading about how the sixth child of ten has just recited the whole of the four gospels backwards.Or that darlin' Ellen Louise is so blest to be marryin' John Joseph Moses next harvest moon - god willin'.

Call me old fashioned but religiosity should know its place and it's place is  in a church or some dark catacomb in ancient Rome.

I am being completely unreasonable. Blogs are a great way for people to keep in touch, to let distant relatives know what's happening.My friends used a blog to keep us up to date with their journey around the globe. Darwin would have gagged for something like that!

But to me, and it's just my reading of them, these blogs are more than that. They are a modern day version of the Epistles of Paul, except for the Glee generation and they make me want to spit. It's the broad church in me.

It would be invidious to name any of these bloggers; they're doing what I'm doing  - putting it out there. It's impossible to take a piece from a blog in isolation 'cause all you have to do is  to paste it into Google and the person's discovered.

It's my English reserve. I'm embarrassed when I hear people effusing about the achievements of their little ones and how good God is. Frankly, he seems to be good for those who have no need of him or those who have nothing else to call upon.

In vino, veritas?


The Sagittarian said…
There's a drink waiting for you at my place!

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