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Thursday, 14 October 2010

What's new PussyCat?

Can I commend you to read EvilTwinsWife's post on cat training. ( Just a thought, but I wonder who thinks they have priority when it comes to the loo?) It illustrates just how far we cat lovers will go to make the life of our pampered felines as trouble free as possible.

Although I have been around felis catus for most of my life; it is only recently that I have become besotted by the little blighters. And it's all down to Ginja the Ninja, a beautiful ginger tom who adopted us and our two cats Tom and Sherry about 18 months ago.

Now I will sit in his company for hours and think myself truly blest, such is the lovely nature of this critter. He has moods, likes and dislikes which are conveyed by all manner of actions. Such as  putting out his left paw to greet you first thing in the morning; rolling in on his back staring into your eyes; flicking his tail - beware  - or seriously frowning when he's had a rough night on the tiles or feels he hasn't received the attention he's due.

He's still young enough to play daily and when he does he reverts to a kitten: wide eyed, full of anticipation of the chase; a game of hide and seek or a battle royal on the stairs as he does his impression  of "Puss in Boots" from "Shrek 2" (Is it a curse for Antonio Banderas that his best loved role is that wonderful ginger in the film?).

As I'm writing this one of the geraniums starts to tremble. It's one of a number in pots hanging from the trellis on the wall. The trembling gets more violent and then I spy the culprit: a wide eyed squirrel desperately trying to remember where he put his nuts. He moves from pot to pot and as he digs he causes each plant in turn to do the "Hippy, Hippy Shake".

I think he's found it; that or another one he planted. With nut in his chops he scampers up the trellis onto the roof of our neighbour's  extension. A favourite resting spot for the Ninja. Luckily, psycho-killer is not around: otherwise the squirrel would have squawked his last squeak.

Sylvester, the feline hoover, demolished three plates of food this morning. And last night Lesley, while tucking the cats up on their chairs under the veranda, wished one of the foxes "Goodnight" as it settled down for the night on our garden path. 
I better get back to doing the tax returns for the business and its partners. But before I do I'll pop into the bedroom and chew the cud with the Ninja.    

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The Sagittarian said...

Oh I do love Ginja Ninja, he's gorgeous!! I have been a ginger cat fan ever since Thomasina graced our screens whenever that was (yes, I must be an old boot eh?)...sounds like he has landed in the best possible place outside of our yard at least. How do these cats know where to go???