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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Return To Sender

You are chatting away with a friend; they say "see you around" and go off. Next day you call round and there's no reply - nothing. You try phoning; e-mailing, texting - silence. You check their address with the authorities and you're told "address not found".

You've been meeting someone regularly, you look forward to their news and then one day they don't turn up. Each day you go back, but they're not there.

And you start wondering. What has happened to them; why no contact? And you start worrying.

I always looked forward to reading "Just a Normal Chick": except 2 weeks ago her blog disappeared. I clicked on her link and was told that her blog could not be found. What's happened?

I always think the worst so I started imagining that her partner had smashed the PC, except I know she wrote her posts at work. Maybe she's been sacked or is forbidden to use the PC for non work related activities. But that doesn't explain the message - it looks as if her blog's been deleted!!!!!

This is too much. Now a while back she was upset by some comments she'd received; maybe she'd had enough and made it impossible for the jerk to insult her by removing herself  from the blogosphere. After an appropriate period she'll reappear. Or maybe she still out there with a new blog on WordPress. But if so, why weren't we told. And if someone had been bothering why not tell us, her friends, and we'd go round and duff up the plonker  in cyberspace sort of way!

Am I taking all this too personally?

Then there's "It's me Penelope". In  early June she's planning her trip to Amsterdam - a 2 week break - and then back to tell us all about it. Since then sod all. People would drop by, bang on the door and shout through the letter box, "Are you there?" but only silence. I got so desperate that I left a comment on one of her friend's blogs; but nothing. Maybe, just maybe, Penelope was also tired of some jerky comments on her post. Or she simply tired of blogging. Or maybe it's something more serious.

And what about "100 MPH and counting". I'd  just discovered his fascinating tales of work, biking and all. He tells us he's lost his job in late May and since then nothing.......except both Normal Chick and Penelope are followers. Is it too fanciful to imagine that they've run off together and are hold up in a five star blog in Philly watching videos of the Cowboys greatest games?

Do I take all this far too seriously? You will tell me?

A while back, I thought  "The Cathedral Choir" hadn't posted for a while, so I rat ta ta tatted on his window, just to make sure he was ok. I'm glad to say he was.

Now if you don't hear from me for while, put out an all points bulletin or a message in the lost and found of the local paper.

That's if  you're all still out there!


The Sagittarian said...

I know! I have been a visitor at Penelope's and am wondering if she has been stolen and sold into slavery...I do have a couple of bloggers who have 'invitation only' blogs for the simple reasons of avoiding harrassment. You're right tho' a bit of warning would be nice.
If you're still there.

Barry Coidan said...

Hi TS - still here

...louciao... said...

And what about those "followers" who post their badge on one's blog and then, quite suddenly, remove it, leaving one to try to figure out just who it was that exited the building without farewell or explanation; leaving one to wonder just how one's blog offended or failed to satisfy. It's a world fraught with the dangers of disappointment and the risk of abandonment. Where is the Miss Manners of blog etiquette when she's needed?

Barry Coidan said...

I know; the blogosphere can be just as unhappy as the real world.

Layclerk said...

I'm still here, and trying to get back to posting a bit more regularly, although recently it seems to consist largely of embedding YouTube videos.

I'll get back to actually writing stuff in due course, but life sometimes has a habit of getting in the way of cyberlife!

Barry Coidan said...

Glad to hear from you!!!

Anonymous said...

You rock out loud ! I'm still around :) No new blog yet, but I'm considering it - I would certainly let you know :) Things just got a little too personal. I miss my blog friends and writing terribly. I'm thinking I'll be back...stay tuned :) XXXXX

Anonymous said...

You rock out loud ! I'm still around. I'm considering starting a new blog - it got a little to personal on Just a Normal Chick. I will definately link you if I start up a new page. I miss my blog friends and writing more than I thought I would. Thanks :) XXXOOO

Barry Coidan said...

Yippee!! Great news. Look forward to catching up with your news!