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Sunday, 12 September 2010


Interesting follow up to the Harrow halal school meals article. It's reported in the Financial Times that a major airline caterer is going all halal . Nothing to do with religion. It's all down to cost and convenience.

For me the most depressing news story this week was that of Jonathan Djanogly, junior justice minister in the Coalition government, who hired private eyes to investigate two Conservative colleagues who he suspected of being the sources of newspaper allegations in the recent MP's expenses row.  Let's hope he's an aberration, or else we're sunk.

The other day I found myself behind what must be the ugliest, most pointless car in the world. The BMW X6. Besides being huge, it is gargantuan, it just spits bad taste. The guy driving the one I was behind was small, bald and comical. I swear he couldn't get in the car without the aid of a bath lift.

I have a family car and I was staring into his exhaust. That's how big this brute is. At £40k plus it's not cheap which is part of it attraction. "I'm so rich I can buy crap" syndrome. But what is this car for? If it had an consciousness it would have already cut its radials.

OK in Arizona, it might squeeze between the huge structures that litter the landscape. In San Francisco  it could hang a left without setting off an earthquake and in New York it might get as far as Lower East Side with out dying of embarrassment. But in Wathamstow? It looks like  pork belly at Eid. The bloody thing needs two lanes just to get down the street. Mind you the driver doesn't know that - he's so elevated he thinks he's flying. 

It's a car for little people who need to be big. It's a statement for someone who has very little to say. It's a monster.


The Sagittarian said...

I say, I agree whole heartedly! There is a posh suburb here called Merivale, and quite a few of the people who live there seem to have these 4 wheel drive vehicles - we refer to them as Merivale tractors!

Selina Kingston said...

I don't think I've seen one of these ..... but I hate it already !!