Reelin' in the Years

Well I've now got that out of my system. Isn't AAF's version of Michael J's "Smooth Criminal" awesome. 

Arcade Fire are playing London in December. Tickets go on sale tomorrow nearly 4 months before their concert. I dread to think what they'll cost.

Last year I thought of getting tickets for Bon Ivers' only concert n London. Forget it. At £300 upwards there was no way I could afford that.

I paid £75 for a Leonard Cohen concert a couple of years back. The best £75 I've ever spent. I still have it spinning around my head.

The trouble is these guys are not robots and they have really bad off days. So a Dylan session in 2003 in Finsbury Park was not only bad it was embarrassing. Luckily Counting Crows served up the juice.

It's disappointing to find what you thought you were getting is something else. So I can understand Paris Hilton's hair extensions sponsors tearing their hair out when they found she was wearing a rival's product. However, I think it's a bit rich that the company also sued her for not turning out at one of their promotional events. She was in prison for God's sake - give her a break!

Mind you Ron Sveden of Massachusetts must have been pleased that his expectations were not fulfilled. He expected his doctor's appointment to confirm cancer of the lungs after an X ray had revealed a growth on his lungs. Instead he was told that he was growing a pea plant inside his lungs. I really warmed to this guy. He wasn't at all pee'd off and suggested that if it had gone the full term he would have ended up working for the Jolly Green Giant. His delighted wife commented that God must have a sense of humour.

It was the start of Ramadan yesterday. My lovely neighbour Mr Ali on the next allotment plot brought me a samosa which he'd prepared ahead of the period of fasting.

During Ramadan, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds.No bad thing, but I find it very hard to appreciate. I just can't see myself being so disciplined. I said that to Mr Ali. He just smiled, looked heavenwards and said " But we do it from very young. So not a problem. And it's God's will."

I am conflicted by his attitude. On the one hand I admire his belief, his faith and his effort to live a good life. Yet on the other hand I just think it's all indoctrination, blind faith and ignorance. But he's someone  for whom I've come to feel real affection.

The contrast between his faith and a State's imposition of religion is highlighted by the obscene treatment of
Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani. Sentenced to be stoned to death for the alleged murder of her husband, she is now paraded on prime time  Iranian TV, supposedly confessing to that crime. Reality television at its most  ghoulish.

I wonder what Mr Ali would say about this.


G said…
I know someone who went to the Edinburgh leg of that same Dylan tour and also thought he wasn't so hot.

How the hell did that plant grow away from soil and light!? I guess it must've been just a seedling. I hope!

I always think that you should do everything for the right reasons; not just because of the results. When you have dogmatic codes of behaviour, they'd better be in very discrete situations - like, 'remember to earth yourself when working with mains current'. Dogmas for Life In General aren't worth it, I think. Many bad things (war) come from things that seemed nice in the beginning (nationalism). Best if people can just be open-minded and intelligent; take life as it comes without prejudice.

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