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Friday, 13 August 2010

Rebellion (Lies)

Actually the Arcade Fire tickets weren't that expensive. 35 quid (about 50 dollars). They went on sale at 9:00 am this morning and a quick call to my mate confirmed his and his misses' interest.

They'd seen them at the old Astoria in Charing Cross Road in the West End of London on their first tour of the UK. When they were booked for the date they were relatively unknown but the release of their first album and a stunning  appearance on the "Later with Jools Holland"  show meant that by the time the gig took place the tickets were the hottest item in London.

The Astoria used to be an old cinema and having seen much better days it was handed over to live bands, joshing fans and plastic mugs of beer and wine.  It's now no more having been knocked down along with much of the corner of Charing Cross Road and Oxford Street to make way for the new Cross Rail transport link.

By 9:25 am  I'd ordered 3 tickets on line - my wife doesn't share all my tastes in music!

Today the new frost free fridge freezer is being installed. They're doing it as I speak. It wasn't until quite late on this morning that I realised that I should defrost the old fridge before the guys arrived. All the frozen food now is hunkered down in the sink, surrounded by the ice I removed from the old ice box.

It's built in. Which means it hasn't been moved since it was installed 14 years ago. I dreaded the guys removing it to discover who knows what horrors lurking there. So this morning I attacked it with the hoover. I hoovered up a dead mouse and so much mouse poo! The little mite was lying under the fridge as if was asleep - but not so healthy looking. Much disinfectant, water and kitchen towels were used to clean up the areas I could reach. But I knew that when the old fridge was taken out it would disclose considerable detritus from all those years.

I felt embarrassed and to limit my discomfort I warned the men when they arrived that I had hoovered up a dead mouse from under the fridge and that they should expect to find it rather messy once they'd removed it.

And so it proved to be. I immediately set about hoovering up the mouse poo and other unmentionables and thoroughly washed down all the surfaces. The two fitters didn't blink an eyelid. "Well what can you expect it's not something you get to move that often!" Thanks guys for putting me at ease.

I can't wait to test run the new kit. All this technology and stuff as triggered the man gene in me; which means I've been looking at auto websites. Our car's a 2006 Astra so it's got a few years yet but still I love going to the auto sites and customising "my new car".

I'm very much taken by the new Alfa Romeo: the Guiletta. Alfas have a hit and miss reputation. When they're on target they're a joy - providing a real driving experience. Unfortunately more often than not they miss badly and cause the poor owner huge disappointment and cost. The reviews of the new car have been really quite encouraging: it's seen as one of the best new Alfa models for many years.

Using the customising tool on the Alfa website, I built a black 2 litre diesel, with sports trim, blacked out windows, Bose sound system, aluminium peddles, sat nav and red painted brake callipers. Now all I need to do is find the £25,000 this will cost. However, my endowment policy matures in a couple of years so who knows - a new Alfa or even an Audi!!!

The frost free freezer is up and running. It looks so white and clean that I'm reluctant to fill it with food. But I suppose I'll have to.

Can't wait to show the misses: she's at Buck House measuring the place up for curtains - I jest not! Since I haven't heard from her I assume they've let her in. She took her passport, a recent bank statement and utility bill to prove who she was. Well, HRH can't be too careful.

Much of the last couple of days has been taken up with low curtseys and murmured "Ma'am"s. I stepping in for royalty and putting on my best Prince Charles accent.

I told the misses to ensure she got an autograph - any person's really; the under under chambermaid's if needs be. However, she keeps telling me that she won't be ushered into the presence of royalty, they're not in residence. How does she know I'd like to know!

The technological German wonder calls so I must reluctantly fill it up with eatables. I do hope the misses doesn't come back with too many ideas above her station. 


The Chick said...

Wow - your wife has an appointment at Buckingham !!! I'm highly highly impressed. I've followed the Royal family since I was able to read ! Did I mention that I'm really impressed !

Barry Coidan said...

Report from the palace: Very big with lots of corridors and not a royal in sight!!