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Saturday, 12 June 2010

They think it's all over....

Tonight's the night. No doubt about it: this is where our triumphal passage begins. We'll show the US what drowning in slickness is like as our boys put one, two, three or more goals past their hapless goalie.

It's gonna happen, it's comin' home. It's a no brainer. The Sun says so "Why Lamps 'n Gerro can win".

In the  Daily Mirror Danielle Lineker cheers on our boys and stirs England's WAGs to get totally legless in front of the telly with her World Cup cocktails. Like the oh so patriotic "White Lion": a couple of those, two shots of rum and Cointreau, will have the gals roaring on the lads in no time. Or the retro "R U Bobby Moore?"   one of these - a shot of scotch, one of vodka rounded off with white wine - should have them weaving round the coffee table like the maestro himself. 

Elsewhere, Martin Samuel in the Mail in a thoughtful piece sees all the omens lined up in England's favour.

And what of our opponents the US of A? I think the following, placed on the official US Soccer  Supporters' Forum sums up their chances:

"This coming Saturday we play a game
it pits two countries that used to be the same
in 1776 the new land prevailed
It was then that America was unveiled
that was our first victory over the Brits
they were just no match for our brains and our wits
in 1950 they didn't think we were too hot
but all it took was one amazing shot
once again America was victorious
And the world new that it was glorious
In 2010 we meet once more
America won't hesitate to drive up the score
Our boys in red, white, and blue will make save after save
for we are the land of the free and the home of the brave"

Longfellow it ain't. 

Just come back from a few hours on the allotment and now only half an hour to go! The wine's open, the smoked salmon is ready along with the steak tartar. Just the thing to celebrate the working man's game. 

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