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Friday, 7 May 2010

It's over

Well that's over with for another 5 years.Thank God! Except it isn't - it's only just begun. What we learnt from yesterday's vote and the election process.

  • The more the parties talk about change the more things remain the same:
  • People like X factor and "political" spin offs, but voting's different:
  • If the parties hadn't got the message that we're hacked off with them all before they should by now:
  • Once an election is announced all the media should be transported to St Helena and locked up there for the duration:
  • Nick Robinson should be thrown off a very high place to be dashed on the rocks below:
  • Superannuated politicians, in particular Paddy Ashdown, should be just that:
  • Location reports should be banned. "I'm outside No 10 talking to ..."
  • More people should be locked out of polling stations. There is nothing more riveting than irrate Brits who believe they've been ignored or treated badly in some way.
  • Be careful for what you wish for:
  • "We're doomed; we're all doomed", saying of famous Scottish sage:
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