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Monday, 4 January 2010

Addicted to Love

I’ve discovered a new past-time; reading blogs. All human life is there in Bloggerland! From the sublime, the inspiring, annoying, totally madcap, grammatically suicidal and the Liberal local councillors. I suppose it’s because the party’s not as rich as the other two that blogging is seen as a cheap way of getting their message out there. I have one message for them: Forget It!

First, it’s the orange banner that they all are forced to stretch across the top of their blog page. It’s frightful, naff, late ‘60’s wash you’d find in the bathroom of a derelict nursing home. And the text provides gems of unintended drippiness. Can anyone take seriously a party that given the opportunity to put forward a topic for debate at a full council meeting chose as a title “Breaking the Cycle of Deprivation Taking Account of the Recession”?

It isn’t just me that finds the Scots massing on the blogosphere, is it? I put it down to their habit of migrating to any virgin territory. Canada, Bordeaux (Ed: It’s France so cannot be virgin), New Zealand...Bloggerland. But honestly they are everywhere; and like their contributions in many other spheres they bring an intelligence, wit and beauty to their blogs. Many of the Hibernian blogs are heavy on photographs. It is no surprise given the beauty of the place: anyone looking out on such sights is compelled to share it with others.

I’d recommend Love of Scotland and That Hideous Man not just for the super views, at the moment with lashings of lovely snow, but also a clear sense of place and love for the area that springs from the page. There are many others. My favourite at the moment is The Cathedral Choir by someone called Layclerk who sings in a Scottish Episcopal church choir in Glasgow. He is Glaswegian which goes to explain a lot – especially why his blog entries are so good. His Review of 2009 recounting his year of singing is a joy; because although the voice is muted the pleasure and fellowship he finds in singing (and drinking) rings out. Many thanks Layclerk.

I spent much of my childhood in Brighton and Hove, but it’s only since I’ve lived in London that I have begun to appreciate the place! So thanks to Notes from Brighton and Hove Daily Photo for all the great views and commentary on the places and their architecture. Two sites, incidentally hosted by escapees from London, I will be visiting regularly.


Layclerk said...

Barry, thank you again for your kind words, and in the interests of accuracy can I just say that rather than singing in an Anglican church choir in Edinburgh, it's the Anglican (i.e. Scottish Episcopal) Cathedral in Glasgow.

Not entirely sure what to make of my being Glaswegian explaining a lot, but however you meant it I'll just take it as a compliment!

Barry Coidan said...

Layclerk, apologies for the inaccuracies. Indeed it was a compliment!

Layclerk said...

What can I say, I'm touched in a very real sense! ;-)