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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Turn, Turn, Turn

OK I got it wrong. Speaker Martin is not the saviour of Parliamentary Democracy as I had hoped. He’s to make a statement to the House tomorrow (Monday 18th May). I hope he’ll tell Nick Clegg to shove his second home allowance where the sun don’t shine – but I suspect he’ll say he’ll be standing down as Speaker at the next election.

I think it’s grotesque that a Parliament that numbers that smiling cheque waving excuse for a minister Hazel Blair should seek to force out Speaker Martin. I think it is monstrous that intelligent, savvy politicians should think we, the electorate, are so stupid that we’d accept as a reason for massively over claiming – “accounting is not my strong suit”. As Fred MacAulay pointed out on last Friday’s “News Quiz” try selling that excuse to the Revenue. And saying sorry doesn’t work. As Ian Hislop pointed out you can’t say sorry for someone else, but Gordon Brown apologised for all MPs, yet he can’t own up to screwing up the economy.

Listening to voters, constituency workers and supporters it was clear that we’re very much pissed off. We will get our own back; possibly not now – or in June but at the General Election. As they say revenge is a dish best served cold. What an appetising thought.

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