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Monday, 11 May 2009

I’m one of the ruins that Cromwell knocked about a bit...

Cromwell must be spinning in his grave; until today when Speaker Martin slapped down a few querulous MPs. Thank God, Parliament is standing up for its independence at last. OK, it’s rather unfortunate that the Speaker of the House should be, in effect, defending the House’s right to keep its nefarious business to itself and to sort out its own house, but at last Parliament has found its spine.

Ironies of ironies; it’s a much derided speaker who is riding to the parliamentarians’ aid, and it’s in defence of their own interests. But Bravo! For too long the fourth estate has been setting the pace; with a supine Government whipping a boneless House of Commons to bend to the Press’s every utterance.

Yes, the system's wrong and it has been (mis)used; but please don’t blame Parliament. Blame the over powerful party system that means we elect not our representatives but time serving ciphers who having secured a career in Parliament look to maintain a ”living” wage.

If we value Parliamentary democracy – shouldn’t we spend money on it? Shouldn’t our elected representatives be secure in the knowledge that they can win the argument for a proper remuneration? No, being creatures of the Party, they allow the executive, driven by “public opinion”, to dodge and weave; and rather than demand a defensible wage; they sign up to a fiction.

We live in exciting times – rejoice. Parliament may be awakening from its too long sleep . And that plump, comical Scotsman might be its saviour.

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